Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Journey to the Pearl of the Orient

In other words, journey to Penang.

It was such a beautiful day! Woke up early on a Friday morning. All packed and ready to start our journey with the team. If you guys didn't know about this journey I had a week before, let me tell you that it was the AWESOMEST journey I have EVER had traveling to Penang, EVER! I've always hated Penang, ALWAYS! but this entire journey have changed my perception of Penang and this was all thanks to Autogridz, for letting me tag along.

Before we were on the move, we had lunch at Deutsches Gasthaus, Damansara Perdana. Thinking that they are a "reputable" German restaurant, I ordered a cup of cappuccino. I mean, seriously... what can go wrong? It was such a lovely day, anyway.


WRONG! Cappuccino came. It was more like black coffee with foam. The foam was a little off and it tasted weird. One word to describe the coffee, IDIOTIC. I don't know why but it was plain idiotic to me that I ordered a cup of cappuccino (one part coffee, three part milk) and the coffee came that way.

After sipping a little, the hubs and I agreed that it was just way off. First of all, it wasn't even a cappuccino (I know I said it just now but..) and second the milk was just...weird. So, we sent it back and we were right! MILK was bad! What the hell! We were super shocked and paranoid to start our day with drinking bad milk, what with the long journey to Penang and all.

Deutsches Gasthaus, please spare yourself some profit and invest in a GODDAMN coffee machine! If you can't even have a proper cup of coffee for your customers, don't offer it! and most of all don't cheat us off RM10 for that cup of idiot.

Okay, I'm done ranting. This post wasn't suppose to start on a bad note. Excuse me, kay. I just can't stand food places being ridiculous.

ANYWAY, moving on. Thank God we didn't get food poisoning or whatever. I would have sued the living daylights out of that place. OK, SERIOUSLY. ANYWAY....

We went over to Porsche, Glenmarie to collect this baby!


The hubs could not agree more. He was in love. He could probably tell you what it is made of and what is in it that makes it rumble when it is suppose to rumble but stuff like that, you've got to wait for Autogridz September Issue. The whole feature will be there. So, if you are looking for all that techy and mechanicy stuff, WRONG PLACE.


I'll only blog from a girl's point of view of the Porsche Boxster S and the entire journey to Penang in a Porsche Boxster S, with the top down. :)


Traveling in a two seater car can be quite troublesome. Especially when you have so many junk food and water bottles to store.

But, you make space for the Porsche Boxster S. Not the other way round. LOL.

Being in it...is a once in a lifetime experience for me. I don't mind if I have to put my leg up on the dashboard the entire trip. Not that I did because the leg room is aplenty. I especially love having the glove compartment down as well because that gives me a table where I can put my phone, my charger, my phone while charging, my shades, and other stuff. I can even put the air conditioner on for my seat, yes! my seat so that it cools my butt and my butt can get all cozy and non sticky on the leather seat. I can even adjust my seats to my liking, high, low, front, back, ... something like seating in a first class air plane but on the road instead.


I love the thrill of putting the top down, and driving through cars on the highway. Taking in how beautiful my surrounding is, even though I've driven the road countless times in another car. Somehow, being in a convertible brings you on a different journey, albeit it is the same one that you've been in before.

Top and Bottom from Clothes For Fun
Bag from a bazaar

All that mattered was the experience, not the fact that my hair almost flew off my head. It was just pure beautiful, no words can describe the feeling of being in it. And what did people say about money can't buy happiness? I was definitely more than happy being given the opportunity to travel in it for a few days.


We were way behind time, so we had to make a few adjustments along the way. We reached Penang slightly around 830pm and found our way to Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa at 9pm, where we were given the privilege to stay for 3days and 2nights. All thanks to Shangri-La for sponsoring our journey's stay.


We were greeted with warmth by Shang's staff and I was awed by how great their service was. Being rated among 5star hotels, their service was one step ahead of what their guests needed. Always! They greeted me and offered to carry my luggage. We had sour plum for our welcome drink and were offered cold towels to freshen up. We were then taken up to our rooms with our luggage in tow.


Our door opened towards one of Shangri-La's finest Deluxe Room where the air was already cooled for us upon arrival.


A brief message from Shangri-La to welcome our stay, waiting on the coffee table.


Treats of spicy chocolates from Spice Market. Lovely background music played on their flat screen tv.


Fresh towels in the bathroom. I simply love checking in to a hotel room. It's like opening a birthday present, and loving what you find in it.

Without freshening up, we went down to have dinner at Spice Market. They were having Seafood Buffet that night and we were just glad to have food that was already cooked for us.


The journey had exhausted all of us and we just wanted to rest a little. The spread was not bad. When it comes to buffet, I get super excited. No idea why, it's just me. Their spread ranged of Malay, Western, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian. The best dish that night had to be their fried soft shell crab with chilli.

After dinner, the hubs and I went for a walk to the beach bar. Just to check out what they have and we decided to head back there for lunch the next day. It was already 10pm plus and I just needed to get some rest. The others went on to Soju Room for a pre-Johnnie Walker Black Circuit party. I heard that that place is "the" now most famous club in Penang.

So, I went back to the room. Showered. Channeled into some movie on HBO and before I knew it, it was a brand new day. :)

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