Friday, August 17, 2012

A little Sun, Scotch & Vanilla Cigar

My second day in Penang begun with a step out on my room balcony which overlooked greens of tree leaves, Shangri-La's pool and just a little distance further, the good ol' sea that I've been waiting to see ever since I got to Penang 24hours earlier.


Shangri-La was surprisingly packed with guests from different parts of the world after being told the night before that there was low occupancy level that week. As I walked through the pool area, heading towards the beach bar, I took in the sight of children laughing and splashing in the pool, couples sun tanning, families spending quality time with one another and the joy of it started the first half of my day on a cheery note.


We lunched at Pinang Restaurant, which was the same beach bar that we checked out the night before. Their menu varies from western to local delights. Their local dishes are more towards Penang delicacies and I was pretty excited to see that Loh Bak was in the menu! The last I've been to Penang was when I was 18 and Loh Bak is my only favourite food in Penang. So, to have this was already pre-planned. I just didn't know when and where but seeing that it was available on the menu, I placed my order and that was my lunch!

Chicken Loh Bak at RM12.

Surprisingly, the best Loh Bak that I've tasted so far and I thought that it came in such a big portion for such a reasonable price. A bowl of sweet and sour chilli sauce to dip in which was flavored with diced cucumbers came with the dish. The outer layer of the Loh Bak was crispy and the meat was juicy on the inside. Lovely combination. I will definitely head back to Shangri-La for this in the future.


The hubs ordered Club Sandwich and Lionel ordered a bowl of Caesar Salad. The sandwich was packed with slices of grilled chicken breast and the salad had generous topping of crispy bacon.


Being a 5star resort, I have no doubt that Shangri-La offers great coffee. It does not surprise me that their Cappuccino carries great flavour.


Right after lunch we went for a walk and came across Chi, the spa at Shangri-La. So, we headed in to have a look.


I love how the walkway was lined with bamboo trees on each side. The lobby was softly lit and light music was playing in the background. Felt rather peaceful while I checked out their rates for their spa services.


They have individual rooms catered for guests during spa sessions to remain a certain level of privacy which I really liked! I place great priority in feeling totally secured while getting a spa treatment and I am sure others feel the same way too.


After touring the spa, we headed straight for the beach. I was looking forward to it because I've watched on Travel & Living on Astro that the beach along Batu Feringhi is quite nice. Unfortunately, I found that the sand was pretty rough, which was a feeling I was not used to. With the number of east coast visits, I didn't like how it was grainy and pokey under the feet. So, we didn't walk much on the beach.

We had the thrill of watching a mother and son parasailing because the father was trying to soothe the daughter who was crying so loud for her mother on the beach and I think, the daughter might have had the idea that her mother was flying away from her and never coming back. Lol


Soon, the hubs had to leave for a car photoshoot. So, I sat myself down, facing the ocean, with Sidney Sheldon The Stars Shine Down to accompany me throughout the day. When I mentioned previously that Shangri-La had excellent service and they are always one step ahead of every guest needs, one of the staff brought me cold towel when I was a quarter through my book. I felt so unbelievably pampered by the hotel.

Rain droplets were seen on the pages of my book and that was how I know it was going to rain! Towards my left, the sky was pitch black and it was really threatening to rain hard. So, I grabbed my belongings and headed back to the room where I continued reading on the balcony with a cup of self made Nescafe coffee to keep myself warm. There and then, my life couldn't be more perfect than it already is.

By 5pm, I started getting ready for the night. It was time for Johnnie Walker Black Circuit and I was glad I pre-planned my outfit. Usually when I pack for a vacation, I tend to bring more than I need to wear because I am fickle minded like that. All set and ready to go, we reached Penang's Turf Club at 830pm and it was already packed!


There's a bar counter by the entrance which served two pretty amazing mixes. The two English bartenders made two different drinks. One was infused with Vanilla Cigar smoke and another was mixed using a teapot. Got to say that the drinks were so much better compared to the previous JW Brazil.


I was so surprised that the people in Penang literally came early for this event as compared to the people in KL who only arrive after 10pm, usually. It was a totally different setting than the previous one that I've been to. Being in Penang, I would have thought that I wouldnt be bumping into any familiar faces but it was as if the whole of KL was there! Met a friend whom I've not seen since high school. Saw Naomi and Tim. Saw Ringo as well but I was alone when I saw her and didn't occur to me to snap a picture with her. She looked so pretty in her outfit. Hannah Tan and Oli Pettrigrew were the hosts of the night. Regretted not having a picture with Oli! He is so good looking!

Naomi & I
With Ade
My favourite drink of the night. Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Anyway, the night ended with showers of gold confetti.

And it was indeed a great night :)


  1. i have that exact same dress!

    1. the pink one? i know alot of girls who have the same dress :) LOL