Monday, August 27, 2012

Hipsters, doodles, and oodles of noodles

So, came the weekend. It was the usual head scratching moment where we didn't know what to have for lunch. All I was thinking of, "Please, no more Antipodean Cafe.." and we had a launch to go for at 2pm around Bangsar. We decided to have lunch around the area. So, Julian suggested Canoodling.

Canoodling, walked passed it many times but never had the interest to give the restaurant a try. Why? Because I don't really give Chinese restaurants a try. I don't fancy eating high class noodles. For me, noodles must always be paired with hawker stalls because there's no way I would pay RM20 for a bowl of noodles.

BUT Canoodling proved me wrong.


Canoodling is a casual yet snazzy noodle house serving a large variety of Pan-Asian bowl food; from salads and main dishes, to small bites, refreshing drinks and Asian-inspired desserts, all at affordable prices.


A familiar looking chinese exercise book, along with a few printed sheets of paper and a folded menu were handed to us and inside each of them are a variety of rice, noodles, desserts and drinks to pick from.


We placed our orders and while waiting for our food to arrive, began noticing how quirky the place looked, brightly painted yellow walls, decorated with hanging pot lamps, amusing illustrations about noodles written on slate walls and right in front of us, a can of multi-colored crayons for us to doodle on a white mahjong paper table cover. So, being me, I doodled.


Soon after, our food came and we were all equally satisfied with how good the food looked and tasted. The right word to describe Canoodling's food is exotic. Take for instance, the Crispy Duck Salad that I ordered.


Crispy mesclun leaves and pineapple chunks, tossed with orange dressing, garnished with coriander and spring onions. Took a bite and every taste buds I had literally craved for more. The duck was really tender. The leaves tasted zesty and sweet which came from the pineapple and orange dressing and it was just perfect! I have never tasted such a delicious Asian salad in my entire life and I am definitely heading back for more. All that flavor for only RM12.90!


The hubs had a try with their Dry Curry Chicken Noodles at RM13.90. I had a taste of the curry, and it was delicious. Light with santan but full of curry goodness, it was really good.


Julian ordered a bowl of Braised Beef Brisket Noodles at RM14.90. I didn't get to try the beef but had a spoonful of soup. Soup was actually pretty tasty and light. It didn't have that overwhelming beefy taste which is good and they were pretty generous with the meat. Meat was tender and yummy, according to the hubs because he had a try.


Overall, everything we ordered was pretty amazing. Well, except for the side dish that Julian wanted to try. Tempura Kangkong at RM5.90. There wasn't any Kangkong taste, except for the oily tempura batter. So, only if you would like to eat flour all the way, else I would advice you to give this one a miss.


2F-29, 2nd Floor
Bangsar Village 2
No.1, Jalan Telawi 1
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours
11am-10pm | Daily
945pm | Bar & Kitchen Last Order

T: 03-2287 1566

Right after Canoodling, we went straight for the launch of Bazarro, Loaded Inc and Unity Store KL. It was a pretty interesting launch because the owners personally flew a group of lion dance performers from Hong Kong for the event.

It brought back memories of Chinese New Year when lion dance performances can be seen all around Kuala Lumpur. Shopping malls, offices and homes will celebrate CNY by having a group of lion dance performers dancing in front of their entrance to welcome this auspicious time of the year. It is for good luck.

Wearing Orchid dress in brown from Clothes For Fun
Sandals from Cotton On


Bazarro KL is a multifaceted retail environment that is dedicated to curate fresh and inspiring labels in SEA. They handpick designers and entrepreneurs in the region that are discerning about quality and style and mostly, having a story to tell you. Bazarro believes that wearable fashion need not be boring. Like a good book, with various characters and different personalities all housed together, Bazarro will definitely not be lacking in content and flavour.


Unity Store KL brings you street wear from the brand SUBCREW. SUBCREW was established in 2004 by Sam Lee, Frankie, Kobe. The name SUBCREW is a play of the words; SUBMARINE & CREW, representing the relentless struggles of a submarine crew that is holding their position in a time of turbulence, united and fighting for survival in the open sea.

Conceived by a never ending lust for fashion & music, LOADED is the brainchild of XU (LapSap | Twilightaction Girl | Mini Compo) and his inner circle of like minded compadres. This band of motley crew is determine to set out and redefine what many considers as norm. They are going to break all the rules, this is LOADED

Bazarro, Loaded Inc & Unity Store
Lot 61, Jalan Maarof
59000 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur


CONGRATULATIONS to Bazarro, Loaded and Unity for the launch of all three! All the best and may the trendy KL folks be inspired by the uniqueness of what you've got to offer. Cheers! xoxo


Signing off with a little breakfast meal from La Bodega Deli.

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