Thursday, August 16, 2012

Antipodean Cafe, the fourth time

So yes, like I've blogged previously... I probably get to review the entire menu at the rate I am visiting this place. I've been visiting this joint every single weekend, simply because the hubs wanted to eat eggs. Where else can you find eggs? only at Antipodean Cafe. =_=

This time we went there with a couple of friends. It was lunch time, on a Saturday and it was packed. I couldn't grasp the logic of not seating us first, just because we have incomplete party. Even when we were one of the first few waiting in line. Somehow, it annoys me that people who came after us got seats just because they are lesser in numbers. Putting your name in the waiting list, doesn't that mean we are waiting in line first than the people who put their name after us?

Even after I've explained that I am suffering from gastric problems didn't change a bit. We waited about half an hour at the door for our table when people after us got table after table.

The hostess actually said, "Sir, we can give you table but you must order first." What was the logic of that? That we simply want to waste our time waiting for a table and not order after being seated? That we simply want to sit down and look at everybody eating and not order? No, we came for lunch and obviously we want to order! So we were made standing and waiting for half an hour, and for what? It was a very hot day and I was suffering from gastric pains, so mind you, I was very irritated. But that was not the excuse for them to be so ridiculous.

Anyways, I needed something non fried, non spicy and okay for the throat. So, I went for this.

Open shredded chicken sandwich rm17
open shredded chicken sandwich RM17

It was actually pretty good. The mayonnaise that they used was mixed with some kind of sauce. It tasted sweet and light. I loved it. They were pretty generous with the shredded chicken as well.

cappuccino rm9
cappuccino RM9

Shared this with the hubs because I didn't want to aggravate my throat too much. Just had to have some because I simply cannot just not drink their coffee. LOL.

croissant scrambled eggs sausage rm18
croissant scrambled eggs with beef sausage rm18

There. All the eggs he can eat. Eat eat eat the eggs. Seriously I have no idea how one person can eat so much eggs.

Then Julian & Teresa came.

They ordered Scrambled Egg, Salmon on Toast rm18 which I blogged about previously

detox juices rm12
detox juices rm12

This juice, looked nasty. Like it was freshly blended grass juice or something. According to Julian, it was celery, cucumber, don't know what else blended into one and he said it was nice. I can't even....

iced mocha below rm10
iced mocha below rm10

Simply because I couldn't find it on the menu board and I didn't know how much it costs. So, seeing that all their coffee ends at RM10, I THINK it is below RM10. Teresa said it was good. So, it's good lah!

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