Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back at Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar

I am back from Penang and it was such an awesome trip. I've got to blog about the whole journey but give me some time, 250 pictures to sort out and a whole lot of blogging to do.

Meanwhile, here is my third visit to Antipodean Cafe along Jalan Telawi. This was the day after I came back from Penang. Have yet to get sick of this place. Click here for previous entry on my first and second visit to Antipodean Cafe.

scrambled egg, salmon on toast rm18
scrambled egg, salmon on toast rm18

Hubs ordered this so I don't really know how it tasted. I don't really fancy scrambled eggs nor salmon, really. So I didn't try but it was definitely filling for him.

all day breakfast rm19
all day breakfast rm19

This was what I had and I preferred this to the Big Breakfast. It has everything I love eating and the sausage was delicious! You can either opt for pork, chicken or beef sausage OR bacon. So I had their beef sausage. Loaded with beef!

As for the egg, it was initially scrambled but I requested for fried.

At the rate I'm visiting this place, I'll probably get to review their entire menu. LOL.


  1. looks yummy!
    do you know if the Big Breakfast is available all day or only in the morning? (: