Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food-Log : July's Homecooked Food

Well, thanks to the hubs for being such an enthusiast of my home cooked meals, I have decided to create a Food-Log section, where I post photos of whatever I've cooked at home that he took photos off. Flaunting his copy writing skills, he actually gave all these a very vividly-delicious sounding descriptions.

Rosemary Sage Honey Chicken
Sage-spiced roasted chicken ribs bathed in a honey rosemary and poultry essence sauce, served with roasted potatoes topped with bacon bits

Chicken Parmigiana
Home made chicken parmigiana with potatoes and toast

Lamb Stew
Lamb cutlets served in lamb broth infused with wine, garlic, tomato and a trio of herbs

Linguine Oglio
Linguine oglio tossed in a light anchovy and cherry tomato sauce, served with pan fried breaded mackerel and oyster mushrooms