Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like drops of Turqoise candy :D

Told myself way earlier that I needed new colors for my nails! Like, bright colors. The only bright color I have is barbie pink. Remember my post years ago? Here.

So, during the weekend, I went to Elianto at Midvalley to get myself some brand new colors. However, I only found one interesting color, which was Turqoise.


I am not promoting Elianto actually but I usually get my polishes from them. They are reasonably purse friendly at RM5 a bottle. Their colors are pretty but they don't last.


What I do is I paint 3 coats of color, followed by 1 coat of transparent polish.


I am not the kind who splurge on nail polishes. So if you want to opt for a longer lasting nail polish color, go try OPI instead. Only if you don't change your nail color frequently or else, opt for cheaper ones like what I do coz I change my nail color all the time! OPI may be expensive, but probably very worth your purchase.


I got this remover from Sasa not long ago and I really like it! Especially the smell. It actually smells like Pina Colada which reminds me alot of being by the beach.

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