Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Juice's 9th Anniversary & Cheat Bento Set

JUICE's 9th Anniversary was....CRAP. I am sorry to say this as I might offend some of the people who put in tonz of effort to make the night interesting and fun but seriously, it was actually pretty lame.

The fiance and I made our way to G6 at Gardens and we had to line up to get our wrist tag to enter the party. I was a little bit on the moodier side because it was 9pm plus and I've not had my dinner. I was hungry and in a pissy mood. Got the tag, tag was cheap because it stated MODESTOs. It was JUICE's party and I would assume that they ran out of tags and had to use ... MODESTOs?

Small matter but it sort of gave a very cheap image of the party. Moving on, went into the club, met a couple of friends, had to go find something to eat so that I wasn't in a pissy mood. Went down to Garden's food court because I saw the Bento Set banner and the food looked good. So both of us ordered the most normal bento set any Japanese restaurant can offer. Chicken and Beef Terriyaki set.


Mine, the chicken turned out tasting like BBQ chicken instead of Terriyaki. Rice was normal white rice. Taufu was cold and .. would you just take a look at the portion? Had very lame miso soup. Which actually made me feel even worse because I really wanted a REAL BENTO SET, not a CHEAT version. Everything at RM10.90. Promo price somemore.


Baby's was beef Terriyaki. TERRIYAKI! Mine was Terriyaki too but just take a look at the difference. His tasted very chinese. Like the usual beef cooked with vege type of chinese dish. What more, his was priced at RM15.90. What a rip off!

Made our way back to G6. Free flow no more. AND I was actually expecting free flow cocktails, at least whiskey coke also nevermind lah but they only offered FREE FLOW Carlsberg. But that "FREE FLOW" ended like at 930pm when the party only started at 8pm. HOW CAN?!


Come on, you have an open invitation to your 9th Birthday Party and you bring in so little booze? Don't be cheap if you want to make it big. You didn't leave one hell of an impression, really. If you want to throw a birthday bash, make it big or else don't even have one.

PS : Please don't hire those rappers anymore..they SUCK big time!

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