Monday, August 1, 2011

[Advertorial] Hair Makeover at The Met Kuala Lumpur


Have you ever heard of professional colour technician who only specializes in hair colouring? and did you know there are only 5 of them around Malaysia?

Usually when we visit our usual hair salon, the person who gives you hair colour advice, and who dyes your hair is the same person who cuts your hair. BUT I recently got to know that, it is much better if a salon has stylists who are professional in their own field. For example, at The Met Kuala Lumpur, they have two teams to cater to color and cutting services because they believe in providing the best cut and color results.


Being part of the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers, I was invited to have a hair makeover courtesy of The Met Kuala Lumpur. So, count my lucky stars, I was one of the few million people in Malaysia who got to experience professional cut and color!

The Met is located in Park Royal Hotel. Those of you who often Bukit Bintang will know that Park Royal Hotel is situated right opposite Sungei Wang and next to Lot 10 Shopping Mall.

I was first attended by Chi Wai, their Style Expert. He took a look at my hair and told me that he was going to give me a lighter cut around the top of my hair to give it more volume at the top as it was unbalanced with the top being light and the bottom heavy. My concern was my hair being flat, after wash and I am very particular with how my hair looks. I wanted volume, thick and wavy hair which is one of my assets. For an Asian, I sure do have alot of hair! That's what I was told often when I visit any hair salon.

So I trusted his opinion and the hair cut began!

So here is my hair before any makeover!

My cup of warm water and Women's Weekly to keep me company during the cut. They serve green tea and coffee too but it was still too early for my cup of coffee so I opted for warm water instead. By the way, they serve Lavazza coffee!!!!! oooo so tempting...

After my hair cut! Much more softer, right? And my natural waves maintained!

Cutting is also their forte because 90% of their hairdressers were trained by Toni&Guy Hairdressing, a UK based salon. They are well known for giving a long lasting and low maintenance haircuts and their stylists have learnt from them.

After hair wash! Like some turban lady.

Once they've dried my hair, Teng, The Met's hue expert/certified hair colourist/hair technician came to have a chat with me. Took a look at my hair and told me highlights would be great because I've got natural waves, so those highlights will enhance them further!

She said she was going to give me golden brown highlights, just enough contrast against my dark base to show off my waves. Since she is the pro, she sure does know her stuff!

Jeng jeng jeng...foiling time!

Their strength is professional foiling work for those who love highlights because they know what type of weaves and tones to give to different hair textures. Also , they have Certified Professional Hair colorist certified by Redken 5th Ave, NYC. Trained to handle all color works and challenges.


After about 30 minutes of anticipation, I went for a hair wash to wash off the dye and had the most amazing hair wash ever!!!! AWESOME!!

Then they gave me hair mask treatment where I had to wait 10 minutes with my hair in the tub like that. The hair mask is like hair treatment. Once they've highlighted my hair, the chemicals absorbed will probably damaged them, so this hair mask is to protect and make my hair softer.


After drying my hair, Chi Wai had my hair wavy by blowing it 50% curve and another 50% straight so it wouldn't be too big. First he put on some lotion to protect my hair from being damaged by the intensive heat from the blower. After that, he applied a layer of shine protection to make my hair healthier looking, and it also worked as a protection layer against the sun. After making sure I look pretty pretty, he then sprayed a layer of strengthener to ensure longer lasting look. All 100% Redken 5th Ave hair care and styling products!

So people, this is how I looked after my hair makeover!

Nice or not?

I really love the cut and the highlights. Indeed gave my hair more color, Teng's highlights exposed my waves and my hair felt so much lighter at the same time as Chi Wai maintained the volume too!

This is Chi Wai, the style expert who did my hair. Thanks a bunch :D

If you really want proven results, make sure you give The Met Kuala Lumpur a try because I personally feel that we shouldn't neglect and take our hair for granted.

Cheap salon means cheap hairdo. Lack of attention and quality. I've gone there, tried that and vowed never to go cheap on my hair anymore.

First impression always count! So no matter what, you need to have a great hair cut, hair colour, or hairdo to make that first impression and also at the same time boost your own self esteem. Whenever you look in the mirror and see that you look great, you automatically feel happier and have more confidence! It really does matter and at The Met Kuala Lumpur, they ask you to worship your hair! So do that!!


The Met KL
9,President House
Ground Floor,Park Royal Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours
Monday - Friday : 11am - 8pm
Sunday : 11am - 7pm

T: 03-2148 1111
FB: click here

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