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[Advertorial] Head to toe rejuvenating experience at Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre


I recently took a trip down to IOI Boulevard in Puchong as I was invited to Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre for an awesome head to toe rejuvenating experience! .

IOI Boulevard is a really nice place to chill out after work because they've got pretty decent cafes and restaurants around where you can sip on a decent brew and read the newspapers while you wait for the rush hour traffic to subside.

I was greeted by the staff upon entering Advanced Beauty. The two lovely ladies were friendly and polite while the lounge area was so comfortable that I was immediately impressed.


After confirming my appointment, I was escorted inside where I was given a comfy pair of spa slippers to change into while they got my locker ready for me to keep my belongings.

Bear in mind that this is going to be a long post but trust me, it is really WORTH reading about my whole experience. As I was going to have 5 hours worth of detoxing, pampering, facial-ing, massaging, showering and slimming treatment, I eagerly anticipated being transformed from a caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly by the end of the day.

As this is a slimming centre, no photos were allowed inside so I'll have to make do with the photos I managed to take in between treatments and some pictures are provided by the outlet coz I couldn't take them as I was in the midst of the treatment. So, I will best describe everything as accurately as possible for you to visualize. Hahahahahaha!

So my first treatment began with their Incredible Spa Treatment (1 1/2 hours) worth RM848.

I had an amazing FULL BODY SEA SALT SCRUB. This is a gentle full body scrub to exfoliate and to rid off all oily particles that are on my skin. It also hastens cellular metabolism, hydrates my skin instantly to make it look more supple, delicate and brightened.

picture credits to Advanced Beauty

Once I was done with the full body sea scrub, my beautician then got me ready for my LED STEAM BATH. I was cling wrapped tightly from my lower chest all the way down to my legs. This PER PART SLIMMING WRAPPING is part of their Signature Slimming Treatment (1 1/2 hours) worth RM1216. After I was fully wrapped, I was then escorted into their Steam Bath room where I relaxed. Their LED Steam Bath is more like a sauna, but much better. I sat on one of their benches and had a facial towel covering my nose, which helped me breathe properly amidst the steam coming out from the steaming vent once in a while. The difference between sauna and this is that this allows you to breathe and isn't as hot and stuffy as a sauna. I pretty much felt comfortable for the whole of 30mins and I made a friend in there too. The whole point of the LED Steam Bath is to help my body go through a full detox where I just sweat it all out. Imagine everything dirty from inside your body, came flowing out and out and out and before I knew it, it was the end of 30mins already and I was ushered out. I felt instantly refreshed after I stepped out of the steam bath room. It was like, my body told me it woke up and felt absolutely fresh!

It was then time to head to another room to experience their INFRARED THERMAL BLANKET which is also part of their Signature Slimming Treatment. Here, I was wrapped with the thermal blanket like a newborn baby. I managed to ask one of the beautician to take a picture of this process.


Tadah! Although a thermal blanket sounds suffocating to the body, it isn't! The temperature was just nice, light music playing in the background and trust me, I almost fell asleep! This treatment is to increase ATP energy in fats and muscle and to convert fats into free fatty acid where the body needs much less energy to drain them out. Toxins are also drained by going through with this process. All in all, this is the final detox process for my body where everything is being cleansed.

After another half an hour, I went for my bath. Perfect timing because I felt absolutely dirty! It has been such a long time since I've sweat like that and really, it just felt oh-so-good to wash off all the toxins that came out of my body! After I stepped out of the shower, I went to have my hair dried.


They provide pretty much everything a girl needs after a satisfying shower. New fluffy towel. Hair dryer! and an awesome cup of warm Ginger Tea! I absolutely love their ginger tea. No idea why. I naturally dislike ginger, but the tea was really nice. It gave my body a calm and soothing effect after drinking it.


Once I've done with my hair, it was time for my FULL BODY RELAXING MASSAGE given by a genuine Thai lady! This is part of the Incredible Spa Treatment for a duration of 1hour. I've never really gone for a massage before so this was my first! I've heard about the lack in authenticity of spa places before. I'd say the best is to have genuine masseurs who are from the place the massage was named. I think by the end of the massage, my body was freed of all tension. More like the lady went through a war with my body to free off all my knots to give me a knot free-body at the end of it and I am thankful for that because my shoulder was killing me for as long as I can remember!


You know what I love most in a beauty centre? The most that I anticipate? The facial! The extraction, where the beautician extracts all my black and whiteheads! I absolutely love going through that because I don't feel any pain. In fact, I always almost fall asleep. Weird, I know! So after my body massage, I was then attended by the beautician for my Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment worth RM1198.

For this treatment, I got all these! Scalp Massage, Amino Cleanse,Arwa Derma Deep Cleanse, Extraction, Eye Brow Trimming, Face Serum, Enzyme Mask, Ultrasound Face, Eyes, Neck (Octolift), Face, Eyes, Neck Massage, Face, Eyes, Neck Soft Mask, Hand, Leg, Should Massage, Derma Tone (Toner), Bio Essence, Face Serum, Eye Care, Neck Care, Soothing Cream, Moisturizer, Sunblock. The best part was the ULTRASOUND FACE, EYES AND NECK (OCTOLIFT) because it tones the face. It actually makes the face firmer and shapes the jaw line. I had a look at half of my face before I went through the ultrasound and after because the beautician proved to me by only having half my face done first and gave me a peek at the mirror to see the differences and really, my jaw line was sharper after it was being done!

During my facial treatment I was also experiencing LIFT BF (German Machine) at the same time where I was massaged by air bubbles from my upper body to my legs. This is the final part of the Signature Slimming Treatment where it helps to improve my arterial and venous micro circulation in between fat cells, speed up my metabolic rate, tones up sagging and atrophic muscles, and to also smooth connective tissues.

The beautician later finished off with sunblock and I was done! A whole 5 hours top to toe all in one slimming experience I've never had before and truthfully, I felt all refreshed!

2 x Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment (2 hours) – Total worth RM1198
1. Scalp Massage
2. Amino Cleanse
3. Arwa Derma Deep Cleanse
4. Extraction
5. Eye Brow Trimming
6. Face Serum
7. Enzyme Mask
8. Ultrasound Face, Eyes, Neck (Octolift)
9. Face, Eyes, Neck Massage
10. Face, Eyes, Neck Soft Mask
11. Hand, Leg, Should Massage
12. Derma Tone (Toner)
13. Bio Essence
14. Face Serum
15. Eye Care, Neck Care
16. Soothing Cream
17. Moisturizer
18. Sunblock

2 x Signature Slimming Treatment (1 1/2 hours) – Total worth RM1216
1. Lift BF (German Machine)
2. Per Part Slimming Wrapping
3. Body Contour Wrapping
4. LED Steambath
5. Infrared Thermal Blanket

2 x Incredible SPA Treatment (1 1/2 hours) – Total worth RM848
1. Full Body Sea Salt Scrub
2. LED Steambath
3. Full Body Relaxing Massage (1 hour)

Being part of the Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers really did open me up to all these experiences! All in all, the treatment that I went through was worth RM3,262! BUT they are having a SUPER GREAT DEAL coming soon on

If you want my personal opinion on this, advertorial or not, GO!! Take this opportunity to experience a well worth slimming treatment with Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre. They are professional and well trained. I definitely had a blast going for this. Never knew detoxing can be classified as pampering too. :D

Advanced Beauty Slimming Centre
A-G-36, IOI Boulevard
Jalan Kenari 7
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong, Selangor

Business Hours
Monday - Friday : 11am - 830pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday : 11am - 6pm

T: 03-8075 0361 / 0362
F: 03-8075 0363
W: click here

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