Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fiorucci Pin Up Collection is LOVE

I needed a traveling bag. All I have now is a carry bag, which isn't ideal because if I am traveling alone like I did for Where's the party? by Carlsberg, I had to carry the bag myself. Usually when I travel, baby will help me carry my bag and I pull his because his is a roller bag which is much easier for me because I really can't carry heavy things.

So for that event, I borrowed the fiance's bag which is a roller bag but his bag is a little bit cacat. You see, when I don't want to pull it, I cannot make it stand because it is ... rounded. So the thing will fall if I let go of it. Not that ideal if I travel alone because if I want to let it go, I have to lie it down and then tuck the handle in. Then if I want to pull it again, I'll have to tuck the handle out. Damn ma fan! So after that trip, I started looking for a bag. My first ever roller bag! :D

So happened, Maybank Treatspoint Fair was at Midvalley MVEC over the weekend. I've got a couple of points unused, decided to make my way there to check out some of the traveling bags they've got there.

It was pretty cool! Imagine a big shopping exhibition, and instead of using cash, you use points to redeem things! I saw plenty of shoppers lugging onto their new roller bags and I was determined to get one myself too! So baby and I went from booth to booth and finally, at the last booth I found this baby, the one and only PERFECTO bag waiting for me :D


I was pretty particular about the bags I saw. I needed a medium sized one, not too complicated, not too simple either, black, nice looking, good quality, user friendly compartments and most of all light in weight.


When I saw this bag, I was in love... like the prints, literally! Quilted hearts, is a signature of Fiorucci's Pin Up Collection. I got this with my treatspoints and topped up RM70. The actual price was RM280 but I only paid RM70! Superb.


This bag is so light, so roller friendly because it has FOUR rollers at the bottom so, if I am at the airport and I want to roll it fast on the carpet, I can! Handle is made out of stainless steel, superbly smooth lock on and pull as well. This bag is cabin fitted friendly! Also has a "T-Shirt" for the bag if I want to cover it up. Wah, all that for a small price. I am one happy girl :D

So people, if you are using Maybank, remember to keep those points and redeem them at any Maybank Treatspoint Fair because it is totally worth it. They have so many things there to redeem. It's absolutely fantastic!

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