Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers' 1st Anniversary Party @ Bakita


Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers turns ONE this month! Instead of celebrating once, we will be celebrating every chance we get. So buckle em boots, this month will be filled with parties!


So, for our first celebration we had MHB's birthday-do at Bakita, along Changkat Bukit Bintang. Timmo (founder of MHB) treated us with 32 pints of Kronenbourg, some of Bakita's delicious dishes on a buffet spread, and we also had a bottle of Skyy Vodka courtesy of Bakita!

MHB babe Ashley with Tim (founder of MHB)

Baby & I

MHB babe Naomi & Andy (MHB's one and only official photographer)

Andrea who is MHB babe Stacey's (middle) friend & I

Instead of a usual birthday-do filled with drinks & boogy-ing on the dance floor, we had an amazing chill out time on the deck of Bakita's alfresco dining area and were mesmerized by Zlwin Chew, who is the ambassador magician for Zouk. He did his "abrakadabra" on some of the girls, and they were so thrown over by his magical powers to combine two polo mints into one!

Zylwin doing his thang on the girls


Also, it was Donovan's birthday and was surprised when his cake was brought out. Once again, a very happy birthday to you. Live life to the fullest, I know you will. :D


Towards the end, Zlwin did a little magic trick for both Baby & I. Again, he did one of his "abrakadabra" moves and the card that both baby & I chose became one. That was the whole point of his couple magic trick, to make 2 different cards into 1! How on earth....

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers with the owner of Bakita

It was probably one of the best night I've ever had with all my MHB babes (and gentlemen). We were all there to have a great time. Till the next party, stay tuned!!


Yours truly,
Dimple Maggot xoxo


  1. The magician is Zlwin Chew! He does some pretty neat tricks!

  2. Indeed!!

    Timmo, you need to learn some of his tricks to woo the girls :)