Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where's all the fun to begin with?

If anyone so much so as open their mouth, telling me that renovation is fun, I'll shoot you!

Now it's like that everyday. Torturing myself mentally with worries. Worrying that they won't do anything right, which so far proved that my worries were not wasted.

Let me tell you how exhausting renovating our house has become. It is so unhealthy to even feel like this. Oh, and did I mention that today only marks day 8? Where do I start?

There's the power points. Marked bold in blue marker pen for the electrician to add on and my contractor actually missed out the most obvious which was the kitchen area. Bold square with 3 pin plug holes drawn and he can miss that!

Then there's the kitchen windows. I told him specifically to have 14" wall and then 20" opening for the window and the rest up to him and what did I find yesterday night when we did a check up? I didn't even have to measure to even know that one side is smaller than the other. It was pretty obvious and I am not even a contractor. One side of the opening is indeed 20" and the other side was measured 17.5". Would you just look at that! Wow, now I have an unbalance width for windows which can be seen side by side. Whoopdeedoo! And I did the most normal of all human being reaction, I bloody freaked! What in the world has gotten to this fella? Which part of the word balance and 20" for window did he not understand? And so now I have to make do with a smaller window because they are gonna brick up the perfect side of the 20" to 17.5". Kill me please! I am a perfectionist and this is something I have to make do with, his bloody mistake!

Then this morning I woke up to a call from the fiance that the contractor actually did not include the cost for the cement countertop for the kitchen in his quote when we actually told him to include so now there's an extra RM950! This is so bloody ridiculous. Not my problem he forgot to include the cost, we told him to and now additional costings!

Worse, more costings for drilling the wall to reroute some power points which at first told him to include in the cost and now he told us it's actually not in the previous costing. I almost hit the roof! I mean, come on right, what is all this bull?

This whole renovation thing is definitely not a single bit fun! Seriously. Whoever said that will have to be the person who wasn't forking out the money, or the person who left it all up to contractors and doesn't have any sense of taste, or the person who didn't even liaise with the contractor himself/herself, or the person is blind, or they have all the money in the world to hire professional contractors. This is downright exhausting, even more when these contractors don't take note of what their clients have requested of them and measure everything with bricks instead of actual measurements.

Oh, the best thing? The best thing is this is only such a small renovation. Can you imagine having do a bigger house? Thanks but no thanks. I am going to stay in this house forever and not ever doing anymore renovations. Serious shit!


  1. seriously..the contractor is obviously want to chop your money! they took the advantages which is they have already doe the things half way, so you better let them continue without making complaint..some bad contractor is like that.
    keep an eye on them. gan bate
    ps. i like your blog :)

  2. hey, nolah he didnt take advantage, overall he is still the cheapest among all the contractors I would believe and he is honest in his work. So far he is doing a good job overall, I am very happy to see everything come together. Their work is extremely fast as well so I dont have anything to complain about anymore.

    I think it was just stressful enough that money is going out that made the whole thing not much fun but now that I see it, it is quite minor.

    I would definitely recommend him to friends or family.

    thanks for liking my blog and take care :)