Monday, February 21, 2011

Project No. 4.03 Reno (Day 6)

And so it has been a week since renovation started. So far we've been pretty okay with the work progress except that our contractor tends to be a little blur and forgetful about the important stuff like making the whole kitchen and laundry area concrete.

One thing that I really do not understand is that why do contractors tend to not take down anything their clients mentioned. I mean, isn't it vital to get everything right and isnt that the main point of having renovation for the house? It is actually a "known" factor that all contractors do not take notes. I mean, even I have to take down records of customers purchasing clothes from me, else I would probably mess up the whole thing! They must think that they have super incredible remembering skills.

Well, I am superbly terrified and stressed out now that after countless occasion that I've told him how I want my kitchen to be like, even took the initiative to print out pictures for him, even after his acknowledgment of each and every thing that I've reminded him off, he still didn't seem to know what he was suppose to do when we asked him today, "Why isn't the laundry walls scraped off the paint to do concrete finish?" and all he said was, " want ah?"

I mean, COME ON! Didnt I even show him the pictures? He didn't even know that I wanted that! I told him like 3 times the past..what? 1 week!

Ok, I know I shouldn't panic. Everything will be right if they are done wrong but I just do not want to delay our moving in any longer already. I am extremely impatient like that!

Well, considering that it has been 1 week since renovation has started, the progress was pretty good.

Here's how our kitchen looks like now! It looks so much better even with all these raw cement than how we first got it. I can't wait! Another thing I was upset about was, when I saw that they were halfway building the concrete side where the cabinets and countertop will be, the measurements were wrong! It was so much smaller than I've asked for, so I made sure he got it this time!

Bathroom Day 6
Finally, tiles completely taken off for the second toilet!

Door Day 6
White doors for us :D

Living Room Day 6
All ready for our Suzuka brick tiles which will be arriving tomorrow!

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