Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ideas for Renovation

Since we've rid off all the furniture that we did not want, we have done nothing but search for ideas of how we want our home to look like! We will be meeting up with our contractor tomorrow and we've got to finalize at least some of the ideas we have so that he has an idea of what to do.

Well here are what we will be doing, just some rough photos of other people's living, bathroom & kitchen.

Let's go with the living area first.

ideas 4

We basically have everything, except the lights. We are going with an industrial look with a touch of balinese for the whole house. We are trying to source for light bulbs like these, with black wires hanging all around the living area. So far all the light shops we went to don't sell these kind of lights. I guess we will have to ask our contractor to manually do it for us which wont really cost a bomb seeing that we can actually buy the wire and bulb caps from any hardware store. It is just that we can't seem to find the ceiling housing. Ah well, when there's a will there's a way!

wall texture 3

White brick walls for both the living room (half the section) and our bedroom! This I really cant wait to see once they are done with tiling them and repainting white over!

ideas 3

It's probably going to be a small place for our work area. Right now all I have in my head is white, white and white. White definitely goes with everything but if not well decorated, the place might look pretty plain and boring. So hopefully, we will have the colour in us when we do more shopping for decorations after the renovation is done.

As for the bathrooms, I mentioned previously that both will be stripped off everything. Including sanitary wares and tiles. We will be replacing with concrete looking tiles and have the walls with concrete finish.

concrete tiles-1
bathroom 5

It will probably look like that but with tiles for the floor and a concrete slab to support our basin. We've gotten our basin for a very (extremely) reasonable price. Johnson Suisse square basin for RM180 only. FOR TWO! not one but two. Let's just say we know someone somewhere and it was retailing at RM200 for one!

bathroom 6

It might also look like this, but we are fine with both. As long as our contractor gets the cement colour right, which is light grey, I wont freak.

Ahh, now let us go to the kitchen. I saved this for last because I found it hard to get the exact photo of how I want my kitchen to be like. As you already know, the kitchen will also be stripped off everything including the existing cabinets and tiles. Right now this is how the kitchen looks like..


See the area where there are windows and door. Will be completely removed as well. Going to get the contractor to do a clean cut look for the openings of the windows and door. Should be something like this ..

ikea kitchen

I wont replace the door opening with a door but just leaving it be. As for the window area, I am still not sure to leave it open and empty or put a glass in between. Still KIV and it all depends on how much a single glass piece would cost.

ikea kitchen 2

An exact one sided sliding door will be added as our kitchen door. Totally digging the look on this picture! Hopefully the contractor does the exact same thing and I just cant wait to see it once it is installed.

kitchen 13

Our wall and floor will be exactly like this. We wont be tiling the kitchen, just giving it a concrete overall finish with concrete countertop as well. As for the cabinets, here is the best picture that I've found over the past few days.

kitchen 20

I want my kitchen cabinets to have a simple clean cut look like this with huge ass drawers. I want them to be evenly spread out with a tiny gap in between. I want no handles and a gloss finish to the surface in white. So imagine this with a concrete countertop and a very wide and square sink! Lovely!! The kitchen will be our biggest project. Right now we are still sourcing for cabinet makers because our contractor doesnt do them. If you do know of any reasonable cabinet makers, please do let me know. Email me at yea.

So once the kitchen is done, it should probably look like this :

kitchen 24

Obviously minus the living room, floor and walls.. :D

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