Friday, February 25, 2011

Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan


Persuading Annie was the first Melissa Nathan book that I read while I was at Lang Tengah a year ago. I remembered I was going through a rack of novels when I saw the cover of Persuading Annie. Somehow I felt like it was calling up to me, asking me to pick it up and that was how I usually chose books at the bookstores.

Persuading Annie sort of grew on me. I couldn't finish the novel within the period of my stay on the island so I sort of "accidentally" packed it back with me on the day I was due back to KL. I know it was wrong of me but seeing that it actually belonged to another resort, way off another island that I knew the book did not belong to the one I was staying in.

As I was reading the last few pages, I was blown away by how the author wrote the book with such creativity. I certainly felt that the entire story was genuinely written with such love. Melissa Nathan's books were then my favourite. After Persuading Annie, I went to most of the bookstores to get Melissa Nathan's novel. Unfortunately I could only find another two because she passed away in 2006 as she was suffering from breast cancer since 2001.

It touches me that she was such a positive person. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she started writing Persuading Annie and she never allowed anything in the world to stop her from doing what she loved. She continued publishing two or more books and ended with her last book called The Learning Curve.

Her best seller was The Nanny which is my favorite among all her other books. I will write about that one when I've done reading it for the third time and right now I've just finished reading Persuading Annie for the second time. Here is what Persuading Annie is about :

"Meet Annie Markham. Gentle, sweet and kind. Except for her dark side. A dark side called Jake Mead. Seven years ago he'd been her entire world, even though her godmother had tried to persuade her to dump him. But when the going got tough, Annie's tough got going. Jake's hasty departure from her life proved that a) godmothers are cleverer than they look and b) the only thing reliable about men is that they're totally unreliable.

Now Jake is back in her life. And he's the one man who may just save her family's ailing company. But what Annie doesn't know is that Jake has an Achillies heel. An Achillies heel called Annie Markham. He's never quite got over her treatment of him all those years ago. This is the perfect opportunity for what some may call closure. But what Jake calls, revenge."

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