Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project No. 4.03 Reno (Day 1)


On the 14th of February 2011, renovation works have started in our quaint little unit. Within a couple of hours to noon, they've efficiently stripped off the cabinets in the kitchen and ripped apart toilet fixtures out of the toilet, leaving behind 2 sets of toilet basins and bowls (14" from wall to pipe) up for grabs! If you are looking for 2 sets of can-do cream coloured basic basins and toilet bowls, email me at!

Fixtures Removed Day 1

The last I went to see the condition of the unit while they were working was on Monday close to evening. They were ripping off the tiles in the second bathroom. The place is now in a mess and I really can't stand it! I was fighting the urge to just take a wet cloth and wipe the sofa as it was covered in dust!

Oh, and we have 1 unit of old school air conditioner (compressor and blower one piece) up for grabs too!

Will be checking in later to see if they managed to get both bathroom tile-less. Till my next update, stay tuned!

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