Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 (Year of the Rabbit)

Time flies when you celebrate Chinese New Year and have super duper lots of stuff to buy for the house before renovation starts.

Day 1, we were at grandparent's. As usual the whole family was there. This year's atmosphere was a little bit different than the last as the kids have now grown a year older and most of them are able to run around.

There were 21s, Yu Ha Hai (I know it sounds like a bad word but in English it is Fish Prawn Crab) and Mahjong which only lasted 4 rounds.

Day 2, we visited my dad and his jungle of a house. Stayed catching up a bit on life, fishing, chickens, vegetables and the condo. Tried giving me tonz of food to bring back but I managed to cut them down to only 2 which were a packet of Short Bread and a box of Chocolate Butter Cookies! Chocolate! I've not tasted butter cookies in chocolate. Hopefully em biscuits are good! :)

The bunch of grapes that he grew! He actually managed to grow grapes in KL! OMG salute..

At night we went to Victoria Station courtesy of Uncle Dennis. My mom's friend from Australia who came down for a visit during Chinese New Year.
My grilled lamb cutlets were AWESOME!

Day 3, went to my aunt's place. Every year she'll cook my favourite dish, the pak cham kai and her famous ginger si yau sauce~! Played few rounds of Mahjong with my aunt and cousins and was off to my friend, Kev's place for a little more gambling.

As for the rest of Day 4 till today, all we did was shop for our home. So far we've gotten stuff that we need like electrical kettle and oven. As for wants, well we've gotten curtain railings, sheer curtain for the hall, more hanging lights, a huge carpet and ... I can't remember. Anyhoos, renovation will be starting next week! I cant wait!!

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