Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Langkawi - Land of the Sun

Langkawi - Land of the Eagles but, ah well..the sun was all that mattered during my 4days trip there with ...*counting....18 of us all the way from Old Klang Road.

We took about 9hours driving from KL to Kuala Kedah *normally it takes only 7hours at most!, muscle aching from sitting too long - we were almost impatient waiting to board our ferry across to the other side where the island is. We finally reached at 1230pm on Thursday. Mind you, we left at 1.30am on the same day.

We hardly had time to visit the beach on the first day because we were too exhausted from the long journey and it didn't help when our accommodation was 10mins drive from the beach. We stayed at a service apartment by something Holidays. Ok, I forgot the name but I will fill in once i know. The rooms weren't bad at all, however I think the bed wasn't that clean because I got bitten by bed mites on my thighs and knees. Other than that, I enjoyed my stay with two other housemates, Pearly and Kenneth. Ended the night with a visit to one of their local regae bars, Babylon.

On the second day when we were headed to the beach, it started raining. I was pretty bummed bout that but bout half an hour later, the sun came back and I was all hyped up for sun tanning *as you can see on the post below. As usual, there's no holiday without cam whoring hence, the thousands of pictures posted on facebook, taken by those who brought their beloved cameras. All uploaded except for mine because I have no time to edit them. We had BBQ dinner at BAO's house for Uncle Coni's (Wynton's dad) birthday and I totally love the atmosphere at the garden. Mats were laid. Candles were lit every corner of the garden. And so, most of us laid on the mat mingling. I wont elaborate on those who got lost buying ciggies nor those who went home early because they were bored.

Third day was our last full day and it didn't really go as we would have wanted it to. Well, I wasn't happy because I had only 2hours of sun and then we had to waste another 2hours in a van following people around to do last minute shopping for some BBQ thing planned at Pantai Kok. yeap, pantai kok. kok beach. Anyway, I had Eclipse to keep me company so it was bearable. We had thai food for dinner and it was so yummy. Lucky enough, the night at Sun Bar made up for my lack of sun that afternoon. I had my first tequila shot, courtesy of Pearl. So, I slept like a baby that night, didn't even realise that during my deep sleep, one of my friends had an emergency and everyone had to rush to the hospital. I was basically sleeping through everything and woke up the next day, in shocked to the news.

Travelling back was rather difficult. I was missing the beach. I didn't want to go back but I did miss KL too. All in all, I think everyone needed this trip. Somewhere to relax, far away from the busy life of KL. All we did was ate, fooling around the beach, sun tanning, drinking, partying and basically just lived 4days of our lives according to the sun, sea and sand.

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