Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I bought Twilight


Yep! I did! If I were to have a conversation with someone and I suddenly drop this bomb in the middle of our conversation, I can imagine getting "WHAT! You did what??!" in response. Walked into Borders at Gardens, grabbed two Nicholas Sparks novels but then saw the huge poster of Twilight Saga on the next shelf and wondered, the book might be good. So I put down those two and grabbed the first novel of Twilight, Twilight. *mind you, I actually took bout more than 10mins deciding if I should give it a shot.

I am already at Chapter 4, very engrossed with the novel. Nothing at all like how those amateur actors acted the movie out. So far so good and I am pretty happy because now, my novel will not be ending soon as I can still continue through New Moon, Breaking Dawn and Eclipse!! *whichever comes first

The only bad part while reading the book is I have a very hard time not picturing Kristen Steward and ..whatshisname *i actually forgot! wait..robbert pattinson..i think. -_-"

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