Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've gotten my Hair-do!

So I finally did my hair yesterday. Sat for 5hours and read New Moon all the way. I actually finished my book in 2days. Actually 1.5days because I bought it on Sunday, read a little, saved it for yesterday and well, I finished it. I am pretty upset, that I actually spent RM35 on this book and finished it in two days and it is like 5cm thick ok. Usually it takes me minimum a week as I only had some time left of my day before I go to sleep to read maximum 2 chapters but 2 days? Man, now I've got to get myself Eclipse.

When I said the book is actually a million godzilla times better than the movie, I absolutely meant it. I almost cried at one part. That was how moving the way the writer wrote. Anyway, Bella isnt a slut. The movie totally sucks. Everyone thinks that Bella is a slut but she isnt. Dont think anyone cares anyway, but I do, after reading Twilight.

So back to my hair. RM520 gone! But it's actually worth it. I love it alot. Relaxing is something like, straightening but without the stick straight part. It smooths the hair and follows the flow of the wave of my hair. It turned out exactly how I wanted it and all these while I've been asking saloon if it is possible to do this kind of effect but I've never gotten a yes until this one. So, it is worth every penny in my piggy bank account.

Difference : Rebonding/Straightening (left) and Relaxing (right)

Other than that, nothing much. This week will be packed!

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