Friday, June 18, 2010


Something happened today, which was totally unexpected.

As I was walking to my car after work, I heard a door from Denise Wine opened and followed by running footsteps behind me. So usually in this kind of situation, I turn to look back, just in case there's someone trying to snatch my bag. A guy who is working at Denise Wine, called out to me and stopped right in front of me looking really awkward.

I was damn scared! Dunno what the hell he wanna do to me right. So he was like, urmmm aaaeerrr urrrrrr...and I asked what can I help him with because I am actually so terrified inside that I was 100% alert if he tried to do anything to me. After a while, he just blurted out that he wanted to know me and I was extremely O.O, so I replied him with my high pitched "WHATTT!" and followed by "Im engaged!"

The poor guy's face..definitely unexpected lor.

Now, one thing that is bugging me, HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO WALK BY DENISE WINE EVER AGAIN?


  1. Hhahahha ...

    .. that's like this Michael Buble lookalike running after me in the carpark saying to me that I look like a nice person and we should have coffee sometime ...

    ... er, I'm engaged, but thank you anyway ...

    .. when it rains, it pours ...

  2. AHAHAAHAA...this guy just ran off la when I said I am engaged! but yours...abit scarier cos the fella wasnt like working near you and have his eyes on u all the time and suddenly out of the blue just chased after you like tht..