Monday, June 21, 2010


B's Bday Surprise-1

Last Friday, my whole plan to surprise baby backed fired on myself. Did not even see that coming. Well, the surprise was a success actually. All of us managed to catch him off guard when we reached and I was pretty proud that all of us managed to keep this little secret from him for a week! So, we wine and dine and this little smart alec either drank too much wine or ate the wrong food, and gotten herself drunk silly.

B's Bday Surprise-2

The worst part of all was, I didnt even know when I passed out. I cant even remember leaving the restaurant, my last memory of Vintry was that, I was trying to sign off the bill and I couldnt manage my own signature. Then I remembered vomiting at Midvalley Residence entrance, followed by baby carrying me back to his room while hearing Grandpa laugh and Grandma saying "AIYOO, duno how to drink dont drink lahhh" and me holding onto the blue bucket for dear life until 4am in the morning.

In between, I didnt remember walking down the stairs from Vintry, saying goodbye to Edmund and the rest, didnt remember walking to the car or driving away from the place. Didnt remember Chuck, Pearl & Kenneth helping me during my puking session at MV, didnt remember stopping by Shell again to puke and absolutely had no idea how I actually survived the night apart from baby taking care of me all the while, while he himself was stoned from drinking his birthday bullshit and wine. LOL

Pearl actually told me that the weirdest part of all was, while I was puking, I fell asleep! Can you bliv it!?

Definitely my worst ever drinking experience ever. But we still suspected that it was the food because I didnt drink that much wine that night, and I've drank much more previously. It might be that the corned beef did not go with that wine. Must Be!

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