Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday Morning!

Too cheerful for a Monday morning but Im trying to be optimistic because this week is baby's birthday, so must behave the whole week! No sulking No whining. Anyways, I was pretty hyped this morning although I didnt get any sleep, thanks to the ice lemon tea I had last night. Was supposed to go get my hair relaxed but, Curlers & Trimmers were fully booked today so I had to go tomorrow instead, but ah well, what's another day.

Weekend, I spent terribly. Bought myself a Roxy purse! My first ever genuine branded purse. How sad but no regrets! Loving it. Besides that, I actually bought 3 items from Laura and 1 Coral Pink panel skirt from another blogshop. Uhuh! Coral Pink! So I'll be waiting to receive it some time tomorrow I think.


Nothing much other than that. Watched A-Team yesterday and it was DA BOMB man. Extremely entertaining. Bradley Cooper is so HOT! Love his blue eyes.

Oh, I actually forgot to blog bout this : I am going to Langkawi with friends next week. Can you imagine 17 of us going on a trip? Well, it's gonna happen! ant wait XP

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