Monday, June 7, 2010

I heart my Booties!

Buckle Up Boots-aBuckle Up Boots-c

I cant really get over the fact that these booties are gorgeous! When I got them I was kinda..awed! *no. im not unleashing my marketing skills here. Totally worth it :D

So other than this during the weekend, I was hunting down Digi stores to get my hands on Iphone 3gs but to my dismay, they are all out of stock! When I want something, I can never get them. I was so disappointed! :C

I had like so many parcels to pack, it was not funny!

As usual, I've updated Clothes For Fun and this week, its imported! Plus, two of them are inspired by ASOS. Double plus!


Clothes For Fun | An Online Boutique

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