Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Planning your R.O.M

As my mother once said, Registration of Marriage was never a big thing in the process of getting married. As late as it was in the 90s, couples only went to the government for their marriage to be legalized, like how you go to them to renew your passports now. No big deal.

It was never about wearing a pretty dress, carrying a precisely decorated classic pink and white bouquet, an entourage of friends & family tagging along and hiring a professional photographer to make ROM a special occasion. Today, everything changed. All the way from how precise your earrings matches your dress down to which direction your arm hair must be. Nah, just kidding. It's really nothing that serious. For me at least, not sure about how other brides-to-be are like.

Well, base on my own experience, here are some fuss-free pocket friendly steps to your perfect ROM day.

Always plan ahead. If you have a special date you would like to get registered on, get your date locked down at the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. I booked mine 5 months in advance, just to be sure that the date is available. Mine mattered because it was around our anniversary date and my wedding day is on the same date a year after. So, plan ahead!

The registrar of marriage will need you to present your rings on that day, so be sure to get them in advance. Shop during end of season sale. You would be surprise at how much those rings will be going for. They are still the same rings but at a much cheaper price.

ROM dresses
both dresses from below rm100

Browse the internet for what type of dress/shoes you are looking for. So, this actually eliminates other designs you will come across. Usually white or off white represents the occasion the most but you can pick your favorite colors as well. You don't have to be one of the whites on that day. Every chance you get being out in a mall, look through boutiques and get a good look at as many dresses/shoes possible until "THE" dress/shoes is right in front of you. You really don't need the dress to be so expensive. Budget the dress and shoes to be less than RM100 each. You'll get to find nice ones if you really look. 5 months is ALOT of time.


I got mine from Cameron Highlands and they are only RM30plus for my bouquet. Instead of getting them at a florist, which they charge a minimum of RM100 per bouquet. They are fresh and can only last a day so my mom got them for me a day before my ROM day. If you are planning to get them from Cameron Highlands, I would advice you to get your flowers, or roses in my case, buds closed. The next day they bloomed so beautifully. After you have DIY-ed decorated them, keep them in a vase or bucket with cold water and in an air-conditioned room the entire time. This will keep them fresh for the big day.

Remember to keep it simple and light. Mostly go for a basic light eye shadow with eyeliner. If you want to, put on fake eyelashes, they do wonders in photos and in person too. If you've not put them on before, practice 1-2 weeks before the actual day or get a friend to help you with them because putting them on can be quite tricky for beginners.

Just tell him to dress well, and he will :)

Usually ROMs are for members of the family to witness. Choose those who matter and they are all you need on your ROM day.

It is a special day anyway, so celebrate! Although it isn't the actual wedding, like birthdays, group your family and close friends to have a meal together. Trust me, they are the ones who make the day special. You don't need a fancy meal together, have a cozy one in a quiet restaurant or prepare a bbq dinner at your place to make it cost friendly.

Who said planning an important occasion such as ROM day has to be stressful? You will only get stressed out if you let stress get to you. The key is to plan ahead. With enough time, you really find yourself cruising along until that very day arrives. You don't want to look back and remember all that stress you felt and had no fun at all, do you? So, have fun!

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