Monday, July 30, 2012

Oats & Fibre

I recently discovered my love for healthy snacks. There are times when my body just happened to feel sluggish and found myself wondering why is that. At my age, I can't help but to start questioning what am I putting into my body at every meal time. Not that I am saying I am old, but it is good to start early.

I am also not saying that I am changing my entire daily intake to all things organic. If I have the money, I will but right now, I am just going to eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken breasts and probably have multigrain snacks or cereals. At least, I am not loading myself with fats and pointless carbs that my body doesn't need.

Anyway, just wanted to share two recent addition to the health conscious section of my cupboard.

Quaker Oats & Raisins Cookies & Tucker's Rosemary & Salt Snacks.


I haven't try Quaker cookies yet but I've finished Tucker's snacks in two days! It is an alternative to chips and other unhealthy stuff. Plus Rosemary is good for the body! If you love herbs, try Tucker's. They have other flavors on the shelf, just wanted to share that this flavor is really good. Even Hubs said so.


I got them both at Jason's Market Hall @ BSC for RM5.90 (Quaker Cookies) & RM12.99 (Tucker's).

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