Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moist with SEPHORA

When it comes to our skin, we usually take it for-granted. Well, I do but I really didn't know what to do. My skin was always dry. No matter how many moisturizers I've tried, they never seem to get my skin the moist it needs. So, I thought that's the best my skin can get and left it at that until I stumbled across SEPHORA.

I was spending some quality time with my better half at Pavilion last Sunday when suddenly, he suggested that we go to SEPHORA. You know, just to see what they have. I had to get new foundation anyway, so why not.

Walked across the street from where we were and when I was inside, I just stood at the main entrance. Mesmerized for a while. My first thought, "WOW, where do I begin?" and started moving towards SEPHORA's range of makeup products. They have gazillion shades of eye shadows, matte lipsticks, gloss lip balms, eyeliners, mascaras, some stuff I don't even know what they are for and so many choices of foundation! I was sort of lost. Lucky me, I had this really nice SEPHORA assistant to help me.

As she was looking at my skin, she told me what many makeup assistants told me..MY SKIN IS DRY. You know how you know your skin is dry when you apply foundation and you can see skin flakes sticking out from your face. Yeah, mine wasn't so bad but it is visible. So I asked her to recommend me a moisturizer for my skin that isn't too creamy or sticky. Really hate those!

Anyways, to cut long story short. From getting a moisturizer, I ended up getting the whole range of skin care products from SEPHORA because I KNOW I needed them.

left-right SEPHORA supreme cleansing oil RM45 (190ml) & SEPHORA instant refreshing toner RM39 (200ml)

I read on kinkybluefairy that an oil base cleanser is really good for those who usually put on make up. I always have this problem with my eyeliner or mascara because no matter how clean I wipe them off with my makeup remover, they usually leave black residues at the bottom of my eyes after I wash my face. It takes a few more rounds of makeup remover to clean them and reading somewhere that extensive rubbing around the eye is a NO NO! (skin around the eye area is very delicate) got me on the lookout for an oil base cleanser which removes ALL MAKE UP and this one does exactly that!

I added the Toner because I too know that I needed it. I've been avoiding Toner my entire life because I didn't really find it necessary. BUT I might be wrong because I am absolutely not getting any younger and this Toner actually helps to moisturize my skin. Hey, whatever helps with my skin, I am all ears! All I need to do is spray a little on my face, and my skin is instantly soft and supple. NO KIDDING!

You can read more about them here : Supreme Cleansing Oil & Instant Refreshing Toner

SEPHORA instant moisturizer RM85 (50ml)

After the toner, comes the moisturizer and I was recommended two hydrating moisturizers but I picked SEPHORA Instant Moisturizer because I loved how it felt on my skin. After applying it, my skin was instantly softer and moist. My face didn't feel tight and dry anymore and I was super happy! I've always been on the lookout for new moisturizers because I've never been able to find one that I love. One that would make my skin feel as moist as this. It doesn't leave any shine on my face even though it is cream base. It gives it a subtle glow and my scars looked lighter. When I touch my face, it is not even dry after a whole day. I got the last jar, and that was how I was convinced that it is the one to purchase.

You can read more about the moisturizer here : Instant Moisturizer

Although my purse was much lighter at the end of my shopping spree, I know that my skin is in good hands. I came to terms with the fact that I am aging and I can't go cheap on my skin anymore.

Having great skin reflects your entire being, the way you glow, the way you carry yourself. It is part of being confident as well and as much as we need to spend on products to help our skin (good ones that is), it is worth every penny at the end of the day.

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