Monday, July 16, 2012

Arenaa Diner : All Night All Day

You know, diners are usually seen on tv, movies, probably on Grand Theft Auto too but they are merely visuals, nothing real, not one where you can walk in, take a seat and order some real diner food in Kuala Lumpur.


Ever wondered what a diner in KL looks like? Well, Arenaa Diner looks exactly like any good ol' American diner you usually see on tv, movies and probably on Grand Theft Auto and the best thing is, the food is delicious and cheap! like how a diner should be.

The main thing that got us wondering when we passed by this place one night were those neon lights. They were lit up at 12am and the signs spelled, "Arenaa Diner. All Night All Day", "Full Meal at RM10" .. and we just had to give this place a try!

Can you imagine? This place is absolutely perfect for clubbers!


Once inside, you'll be amazed at how minimal yet Americanized this place looks and feels. Every corner spells diner. I've have yet to come across any place like this one, here in Kuala Lumpur and trust me, this place is awesome!

We had a little chat with one of the owners of Arenaa Diner and got to know a little about how it all began. Well, long story short, the owner of the diner also owns the hotel, Arenaa Hotel and he wanted to have a place where his employees get their meals at a reasonable price around the area. So, the idea of having Arenaa Diner came to him. Everything from the diner is made fresh.


We ordered fried baby octopus RM5 (yes!) and they are freshly battered right before deep frying. Once done, lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper. One of the best, you have to try that.


Mix platter of shishamo (pregnant fish), baby octopus, and shrimps for only RM15 (if not mistaken)


Creamy mushroom & beef bacon cabonara at RM12. It is SO MUCH better than most of the places I've tried and they were really generous with their bacon.

I mean, usually if you realized that the prices are cheap at a restaurant, you'll automatically assume that the food will be average tasting but this place is just .... ridiculous! Food is really good and cheap! I know you don't believe me but if you don't give this place a try, you'll be missing out on something good.


Another finger licking good dish, chilli cheese fries! I think it was priced at RM8. Didn't really note down the prices because I forgot.


Very delicious banana chocolate milkshake. Have to try that too.

The owner recommended their home baked cookies and chocolate brownies for dessert but we were too full by the time we finished our snacks and it was already closed to 2am but if you manage to give those desserts a try, do let me know how good they do taste :)

Arenaa Diner
23, Jalan Tun Perak
50050 Kuala Lumpur

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