Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coffee at Chinoz @ BSC


Spent tea at Chinoz on a Saturday afternoon with two of my friends and the hubs.

Probably one of the highlights of every other day, drinking coffee time. If you asked me about coffee 5 years ago, I'll tell you I absolutely hate coffee and there is no way I will probably drink a cup if you paid me a million but if you ask me to give up drinking coffee now, I'll probably yell NEVER, even before you finish your sentence.

That is how much I need my cup of coffee everyday.

Cappuccino at RM13+. Brewed by illy beans and machine. Lovely.

Anyhoots, coffee at Chinoz was delightful. Other than it was a really humid day, my Saturday was the usual. Oh, wait! Not that usual. We placed a deposit at our wedding venue! One step closer to our wedding and I am getting pretty excited! I promised myself not to be a bridezilla.

I really did.

Ground Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre

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