Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weddings and such

I remember my first day at Proof Design Sdn Bhd. All hyped up, ready to take on the world. I've always had passion for art. Anything to do with art, such as creative designs, paintings, handmade cards, colouring and such. I used to hand make cards all the time for my mom and my friends when I was at primary school till secondary school. I still do occasionally during college years but no longer after that as I didn't have much free time once I started work.

Did you know that I wanted to major in Interior Design last time? Well, that was before I found my love for fashion.


Proof Design Sdn Bhd is a design house specializing in creative design for all creative materials. From corporate annual reports to magazines and publications to wedding cards and stationeries. Just recently Proof is more focused on creative wedding materials. Wedding invitations, little name tags for guests, custom made menus, handmade ribbons and so much more.

I just wanted to share with you what I do sometimes in the office. Sometimes, I tie little ribbons to paste them onto wedding invites, sometimes I hand make cards by putting together bits and pieces of stick ons, finishing media gift bags with a little tag, and so many more I just can't seem to remember.


I love doing it, although it might be quite tiring as tying 250 ribbons isn't easy, especially if they are so tiny! Besides being creative and all, I care for day to day duties and make sure that the company runs smoothly. Being in this company taught me so many things that I can bring over to my next job. Yes, of course there are so much more to learn from scratch when I start my new one but things like how to handle urgent matters and solving problems fast will be good to bring with me as they will definitely apply.

Well, speaking of weddings earlier, if you ever need someone to design your wedding invite and stationeries, you can always contact Proof Design Sdn Bhd. Although I will no longer be there, Proof is the first company I've ever cared for working with and I would still love to see it grow :)

Website is still under construction, there will be exclusive ready made wedding invites that can be ordered via online and have them mailed to you within a timeline. All these are still being put together but I'll be sure to inform you as good stuff like these are made to share!

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