Friday, October 22, 2010

Twenty Four years young @ Jogoya, Starhill

Anyway, I just celebrated my birthday last weekend and I am officially Twenty Four! Time is definitely jetting pass me without me blinking any eye! I have never ever thought that I would be here, now, aged 24 years and .... going on to the big Twenty Five next year..OMG!


Speaking of the big Twenty Four, baby brought me to Jogoya at Starhill on my birthday for dinner and it was the best ever buffet dinner I have EVER had! Seriously, I have not experienced such fun just eating non stop for 2 hours and ... a little bit more.


They had the Chinese section where they serve Chinese food (duh) like steam fish, big wok dishes and the usual chinese style dishes served at chinese restaurants.

Western section filled with grilled lamb and chicken, cheese baked seafood, rosti... , Italian where they have pastas and pizzas.

Fried Soft Shell Crab

Grilled Lamb, Mushroom wrapped bacon & some other stuff

Mushroom Soup with puff pastry

Rosti!, Butter chili fish, Egg baked cheese, Cheese oyster!

Dim Sum section where they serve steam soup of goodness (think ginseng!), little rolled up dim sum, sago desserts..

Japanese area where they have raw fishes, rolled up sushis, miso soup and more..

Baked macaroni (i think), Ebi Sushi, ..something something..

and the Dessert section! OMG!! I wanted to try everything but I was so damn full, you have no idea how bloated I was and I still wanted to go on..I had a tiny scoop of New Zealand Natural ice cream! So so good!! And everything for RM100/person! Oh, the best thing is if you go on Mon to Thurs, ladies get 50% off! Lagi worth it!!

I had the time of my life eating with baby and we were laughing at how greedy we were picking out so much food! Highlight of the night was my steam soya sauce crab! Yummzz..


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