Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebration of Amazing Skin with Vaseline Party


Last Saturday, I attended Vaseline's Poolside party at Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel. I was invited by Nuffnang as I was one of the lucky 75 bloggers to be picked and I was excited! Vaseline = tonz of moisturizing goodies! and I brought baby along because I get to bring a partner.


The dress code was "cocktail party" and bloggers are to attend the event in either pink, cream, white or green (Vaseline's lotion signature colors) and I went in my pretty Bebe inspired pink dress that I bought from Rara Black. Baby wore a smart collared striped shirt in white and casual jeans.


We were there at 5.30pm and were given our passes, goodie bag (so many Vaseline lotion bottles!) and a card each. I gave mine a glance and it was written Bella Swann while baby's was Zac Efron. So I was wondering what were they up to, giving us these cards but I was pretty pleased because I love Bella in Twilight.

We chilled by the corner for a while, taking in the breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur from where we sat. The Petronas Twin Towers were so close, and it was so beautifully lit up at night! Soon enough the event began with Jojo Struys as the MC for the night.


I later found out what the cards with celebrity names were for. Jojo mentioned that we were suppose to find our "other" partner so that the lucky partner that they call, will win free Topshop and Heavenly Spa vouchers worth more than RM500! I was Bella Swann and I had to find my other partner, which I did not even try to look for because a guy with the card Jacob Black walked pass me but I did not call out to him. Instead I was wondering if I should wait for "Edward Cullen" instead, LOL! There were so many girls, frantically looking for their "other" half and I was amazed when they looked so sad trying to find one another! It was as if they were lost without their partners. I was laughing inside, really! It was after all just a game, ladies! No need to stress over finding your David Beckham. So anyway, baby didn't find his Vanessa Hudgens either. Either way, our "names" weren't called out because the lucky partner that won those vouchers were Barrack Obama & Michelle Obama (if I remembered correctly).


We enjoyed abit of comedy from ... ooops! I forgot his name but apparently he is new and cheap and graduated from a Comedian Academy (serious shit?!) in China. His jokes were more of races, mostly about Chinese & Indians and more about how Malaysians speak. Buffet was served shortly after, followed by a performance by Yuna. I've not heard such a good voice singing right in front of my face before, and I was mesmerized by her. She is this petite little girl and her voice is so amazing! Her style of singing is exactly like Lenka, except that Yuna sings songs in Malay and English.

We stayed until the very end, until the last prizes were given to the winner of Vaseline's blogging post entry. I checked out her blog and she definitely deserved to be the winner because she put way too much effort for one competition. I'd say very creative as well! You can check out her post here : (

I was a little disappointed that I didnt bag anything home. Not even the consolation prize but on the brighter side, I have 4 more bottles of Vaseline lotion to last me another 4 years! Nah, just kidding :D Gonna give em away to bunny. She wants her dose of lotions! Hahahahahaa. Both Baby and I enjoyed our night very much. Food wasn't that good but I loveeeeeeeeeeee those marshmallows dipped in hot chocolate so much that I went two rounds! Thanks Nuffnang & Vaseline for the invites!



  1. hey there.

    I hope you had a good time at the event.

  2. Yep I had :) Thanks for dropping by