Monday, October 11, 2010

SEED Cafe @ Midvalley

I've not given any thoughts to giving SEED Café a try until I was right in front of it yesterday trying to look for lunch. I wanted to try Brotzeit but it was clearly too expensive for lunch and they did not have any burgers, nor pigs in a blanket.

A friend once told me that SEED Café is famous for their Tom Yum noodle and seeing that I've not tried the restaurant yet, might as well since I was already right in front of it.

Seed Café, is chic personified. The restaurant's concept adapts a contemporary and simple outlook. The design and decoration gels in with Seed’s youthful and trendy image. Seed café would be an ideal place for friends, family or even colleagues to gather for a delicious meal.

Their menu consists of a wide range of Western & Asian cuisine. Much more than I would have expected to see and they are very unique as well. It was so tempting for me to order their Tom Yum noodles but I wasn't really in the mood to get my stomach all spiced up as it was my first meal of the day so I had either the Cajun Chicken Chop, Nasi Lemak or the Fried Green Curry rice with Roasted Chicken to choose from.

SEED Cafe-1

I finally opt for their Nasi Lemak, as it looked really good in the menu and I wasn't disappointed at all when my food came. It tasted good. My meal came with curry devil chicken which was a nice change from the usual chicken rendang or chicken curry. The rice had the right amount of lemak and I had little anchovies, peanuts, curry long beans and hard boil egg as sides. I would say that it was worth its price (somewhere between RM15-RM17).

SEED Cafe-2

Baby ordered their Cajun Chicken Chop (somewhere between RM15-RM17) which came with potato wedges and salad. I tasted a little of it and the chicken was quite normal. Their cajun sauce didnt taste like cajun at all but more like sweet and sour dip with a hint of chili.

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