Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Review of Ong Bak 3


Finally caught Ong Bak 3 yesterday night on DVD and it was really clear! I was amazed because I didnt really expect it to be so clear and the subtitles were correct! For once! Anyway, I am not even going to bother copying and pasting Wikipedia's plot of Ong Bak 3 because it is way too long, same as how I would define the entire show.

First of all, I loved every Tony Jaa's movie up until this one. It started where Ong Bak 2 ended with him killing his "father" and Lord Rajasena had him captive. So, long story short..without spoiling the movie for you.. I found that the whole movie was about him growing beard, becoming God, shaving beard, dancing, growing beard, becoming God, grow more beard and then fight.

I truly did not enjoy the movie at all. It was exceptionally long winded. His fighting scenes were boring because they all consist of the same moves. There's a part where he sort of pulled out a huge statue which made the entire movie really fake.

My conclusion is, they've got no more ideas for this movie therefore, they dragged Tony Jaa's recovering period almost 80% of the show. Oh, and at one point he actually saw the future. WTF!

What to expect? Yawns

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