Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend and the Awesomest maggie ever!

I've realised that I never really blog about my days anymore, unlike when I first started blogging. What has become of blogging anymore? It used to be sort of a personal diary to me and it was only open among friends, but I guess as we are more exposed to social medias everyday, things have changed. I guess only 20% of the society nowadays genuinely blog about what they really feel and what they've been up to on a daily basis but blogs have now become more of a advertorial platform for most.

It may seem that mine has turned from a personal blog, to an open directory where people can get info on food, fashion and whatever I want to share on other stuff. Back then, when things got a little to personal, there won't be anyone to judge if the blog was only open among friends and those whom you choose to share them with but I guess, you'll end up hurting one or more if it got way serious. So, people mostly blog about what's on the surface and not what's deep down anymore.

Ah well, welcome to the future of blogging.

My weekend wasn't as hectic as the last. Mainly gotten my car fixed. The thing is, it is already 6 years of age and I really can't blame that some of the parts are close to expiration. Battery was weak, window switch was spoiled, car key battery died, road tax was laid on the dashboard ever since last August (very lazy to stick it on my windshield - okay, that has nothing to do with my car's age) and basically those were the things I had to get done.

There were these cute little kittens playing around the workshop when I was there and they are for adoption. Mommy cat, which is a stray was adopted by the workshop owner which then gave birth to three really lovely kittens and one have already been adopted. These two photos of the kittens are still there, open for adoption plus one more hidden behind the orange/black one was actually found by the owner, so he picked it up and put them into the lot. It would be great if any of you reading this can share the news for the adoption. Though the owner seem to take good care of them, they are still in need of a good home, one where they have a more comfortable and cleaner place to sleep and play in. So, if you are ever interested, the workshop is in OUG. You can email me for more info.

Kitten with orange and black patches. Really really playful and sweet looking :)
This one resembles alot of a Siamese cat colour with really distinctive blue eyes.

Took a little trip down to Bangsar Village 2 to have a good plate of fried rice at The Rice Restaurant (by Big Group) but to my horror, they (The Rice Restaurant and Canoodling) were no longer at BV2!!! So, the hubs and I had to settle for WonderMama because it was already 3pm and we were really hungry. If given the choice, we wouldn't have chosen WonderMama because we didn't feel that the prices were reasonable enough.

What altered our perception of WonderMama was when the plate of Maggie came and it was the BEST Maggie Goreng we've ever tasted! It came with prawns, scallops, fish roe and some other stuff which gave the noodles so much taste! I've got to order that the next round I am there because I only had a spoon to try, .. maybe two, .. the noodles were ordered by hubs actually. :B


Tried my luck at Borders, once again. I wanted to get the book ever since I watched Life of Pi because I heard the book is good. Luck was on my side that day, there were only two books left. So, I grabbed one and began reading it in the car on our way back home. Definitely was not disappointed by the author, and that was when I read his note, haven't even begin on the story of Pi yet.


Ended my weekend completing one out of the 22 conclusions of Heavy Rain on PS3. This game is really awesome. Came to a point where I actually felt the pain when...okay, I am not going to spoil it but check it out, you'll love it.


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