Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY-ed Projects : New collars for my furballs

After going through some DIY & Crafts inspirational photos on Pinterest, I had this idea to do-it-myself cat collars for both my cats. I used to make friendship bands when I was younger, so all I needed were the threads, bells, some loops, and probably one or two additional stuff.

There's this place at PJ Old Town that I was told, called Sin Wah. They have tons of crafty knick-knacks for sale and I needed some lace wraps for the recycled mason jars that I bought for the wedding, so both the hubs and I took a trip down to check out that place. Anyway, I'll blog about that in another post because this is mainly for the cat collars. I managed to get everything I needed for the collars and the total came up to less than RM10, which saves a tiny bit of money as compared to those retailing outside but the whole point is the love I put into these two collars for the two fluffballs that I love so much. Lucky cats :B

photo 5

Everything you need to make two cat collars.

photo 3

We wanted to match the collars with their eyes, so we've chosen Blue for Manja and Orange for Mojo. Love the shades we picked out for them, plus I added a jewel to each of the collars to make it a tad bit different from others out there.

photo 4

And the FINAL RESULTS after a few days!

photo 1
photo 2



  1. So pretty!! Lucky cats la!! xD I love your DIY posts! Please post some more!

    1. LOL I don't do diys alot because I lazy but I get my inspiration from Pinterest. There's so many there for you to see!