Thursday, February 21, 2013

Year of the Snake

This Chinese New Year was pretty fulfilling. It used to be just another day with loud music, bunch of cookies and food but this year seemed to be quite different, maybe because it will be the last of getting Ang Paus for me since I'll be giving instead next year. So it was like, the last Chinese New Year I'll be celebrating as a kid ever since I was born. In a way, it was pretty meaningful to be able to spend some time with close friends & family members.

It was never really about the money. Giving angpau is part of the whole Chinese New Year tradition, no matter how much is in it, it is the whole meaning of giving and receiving during this auspicious time. Yet, it is a shame that some sees it as once you have signed those law abiding papers, you are considered married and you no longer deserve this red packet from them anymore. Well, from my point of view, Chinese New Year is a traditional celebration and as long as the couple has yet to have the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony (unless the couple doesn't want to), is not married by tradition. But then again, this is my opinion. Everyone has their own and this Chinese New Year, it was pretty clear who were the people who actually embraced the whole tradition of giving and receiving and of those who does it as a chore.

Pinterest has been my source for everything I want to know now. I check in almost every hour to get inspired of all sorts of arts & crafts, wedding ideas, designs and mostly everything I love. So I decided to try this hair-do. My hair was getting pretty heavy if I tie it up and it's really annoying when I let it down because it is so long that it tends to get stuck somewhere, in between stuff and blabla.

photo 1

What do you think? Though it isn't as neat as the one I followed from, I absolutely loved it. The bun actually felt weightless which was the whole point. So, that I can dig in those food in peace, right. :P

Anyway, every year for Chinese New Year Eve, we'll be heading over to Daniel & Karen's place for dinner. This year, we had crazy amount of dishes that Karen prepared all by herself and they are so delicious!

photo 4

First up was Lou Sang that was pre-prepared by AEON. Money. Wealth. Happiness. Bora-Bora. Lamborghini. Joy. Wisdom. More Money. Big House. Maldives. Europe. Japan. More Money. Success. The usual :)

Fish Maw soup with alot of stuff in it. Scallop, Abalone, Fish things and it was super goodness. Boiled for more than 12hours!

Curry Chicken. Not sure what do you call it but it's the Mushrooms, Oysters, More Mushrooms, Broccoli, Carrots and some fortune luck thingie that comes with the dish.

photo 5

My favourite! Roast pork with Leek which I ate like half a bowl, Cereal Prawns ; super yummy! I love cereal prawns and I make it often myself. Steam Red Snapper (if not mistaken) with Ginger and Soy Sauce.

Karen even made Orange Juice and boiled Red Bean Soup!!!!! Jeezzzezzz, how on earth can one person prepare so many dishes for all 7 of us?!

Dinner ended, we had glasses of red and white wine to catch up. It was great, the night ended pretty late and we had a brand new "year" the following day at Grandparent's house. So, we ended the night with hugs and well wishes. :)

photo 3

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