Friday, February 22, 2013

Just 'coz I Love You

The day began with a visit to Antipodean which we've not been for months. Decided to treat ourselves with a little Western food since we've been consuming Chinese food every single day throughout Chinese New Year. As usual, he had his Mushroom Cheese Omelet and I decided to try something new but it was pretty disappointing when my meal arrived.


RM18 for this plate of French Toast, Maple Syrup and 2 small tiny pieces of Pork Bacon. We've pretty much agreed that Antipodean is really nothing much for their food, unlike when it first opened. The worst is that they stinge with the portion of quality food. For instance, I used to find that they load the plates with too much eggs, mushrooms and of those which cost less and only gave one or two pieces of those which cost quite a bit.

RM9 for 2 slices of bread? RM9 for extra 2 eggs (no choice for 1 egg instead)..I got pretty annoyed actually.

Won't be heading there unless I wanted the breakfast meal which they priced at RM19. I used to opt for Pork Bacon but they gave only like one or two pieces and if you are a bacon lover, you'll definitely know what I mean by one or two pieces just won't do. So, I decided to go for their Beef Sausage instead which was still served a piece but I found that the sausage sort of worth more than the bacon in terms that there's more meat to chew on. More meat, get what I mean?

Soon enough, it was time to head out for dinner. My better half surprised me with a romantic candle-lit dinner at PLOY @ Clearwater. The view of Kuala Lumpur and its' Twin Towers from Work @ Clearwater was really something. I had never been to that place, so it was my first. I've always thought that PLOY was one of those Plan B, Ben's type of restaurant but they are pretty unique.

photo 1

"Ploy means ‘gem’ in Thai. We were inspired by the true gems of Japanese and Thai cuisine – the interplay of sweet, sour, salty, spicy and umami flavours; the meticulous preparation of dishes using only the freshest ingredients. By applying these tenets of asian cooking to not-so-asian dishes, we created a new modern asian cuisine." -

Their Valentine's Day set menu was a good selection of mixed Japanese and Western. We started off with a bowl of Mushroom Soup lightly dazzled with Truffle Oil.

photo 3

Tempura Seabass with Japanese Mint Leaf was pretty unique. I loved the dip. Not too sure what it was but it tasted good.

Five Element Linguine, which was tossed Linguine with dried chilli shrimp, fried crab sticks, poached egg and fish roe. I was okay with it but hubs didn't like it at all because he thought Linguine which was something Italian, should never go with Pan Mee side-lings.

Baked Chicken Ham and Dory Fish with Miso Butter Sauce for the hubs. I didn't like it because they included Chinese Parsley in it and it totally ruined my taste buds because I've never liked eating it. Without the parsley, maybe I would have liked it.

I chose the Australian Tenderloin Steak with Asparagus, Baby Potato, Bacon and Gorgonzola Cream Sauce. I loved it. tasted really good. The beef was really tender, and the sauce was similar to a Cabonara sauce that I've tried elsewhere. Had to get them to re-cook the beef though because it was too red for my liking. Otherwise, all good.

photo 2

Oreo Cheese Cake for dessert. Light and fluffy, not at all heavy. Had lemon taste to the cream cheese and the bottom cookie was just right.

Overall, we enjoyed most of the food. I loved the atmosphere of the place. It was even more special when couples were seen having an intimate time together and everyone spoke in a hush manner. LOL. However, the bill came up way more than we thought the food was worth. PLOY would be a better place to wine, perhaps?


Last but not least, my now fav Leopard printed weaved clutch from H&M which I got at RM40 only! LOVE.

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