Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY-ed Projects : Walk-in-Wardrobe


AND MY WALK-IN-WARDROBE IS DONE...after moving in close to two years. Can you imagine, two years of clothes draping here and there. Stocks lying about. No dresser, no full length mirror and the worst was, not enough room to walk about. Even the railing which I used to hang my clothes was missing a leg and it took up most of the walking space and I had to make do with squeezing about the room, looking for stuff.

A walk-in-wardrobe for me was definitely the plan, but we delayed it for 2 whole years because of the money factor and everybody knows that a custom one could cost a zillion! So one day, hubs was wondering if we could custom make a whole wardrobe using IKEA's shelves and with the few visits that we made to IKEA few months back gave us plenty of ideas how to make it happen.


So we bought the shelves, bought some curtain hooks and railings for my clothes, gotten some storage boxes, chose a brand new curtain to lighten up the room, cupcake trays for my make up thingies (saves space by stacking things up), grabbed hold of a grey discounted rug which was selling really fast (the next day we went to IKEA again, it was GONE!), and made do with some old stuff about the house.


Once we were done with the whole room, I just couldn't believe it. I loved the transformation. Friends & family who have been into this room once, know how big a transformation from a plain to-do room into this. All that with the effort of my other half, working and hammering well into the night. We've probably spent 1/4 of what it may have costed us if we were to get a contractor to custom make one. I've always had a thing for DIY pieces and the fact that I get to be in a room where everything was self-made, makes the room a whole lot special. :)