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My first thought : How did the name come about?
Anyway, I still don't know.

Been to WonderMama at Bandar Village a couple of times now and I find that the food is mediocre, but people do seem to take a liking to that place. Mostly because like others, I find the place really pleasant to dine in. The servers were a little under trained but I guess that's normal given that services at most of the restaurants in Malaysia isn't top notch either. Rustic pots and pans, oil lamps and tin can mugs can be found as decoration which gives a really back dated feel to the restaurant. Funny that what we see now in a modern restaurant or cafe are things from the past, like fashion, how high waist skirts and shorts are back in trend. Instead of moving forward, we are heading back in time. The irony of that!

Anyway, here are some pretty pictures I've captured during my visit :

I love their logo! Isn't the bird cute :)

Desserts! and some of our childhood sugar drops.

I think they've reprinted their menu from the last that I went. This was taken when it was open not too long ago.

Bacon Fried Rice the hubs had which was okay.

I ordered Chicken Pong Teh which is braised chicken with potatoes. Pretty homecooked style but I thought it was nothing special. Came with fried tofu skin with steamy white rice.

When you look up

According to them, this is one of their specials. Rose Lemon with Sago. I love it!

Hubs wanted to try their chendol. He is quite a fan of chendols actually but it was okay. We've tasted better though.

Went there three times and tried other dishes. The Kampung Fried Rice wasn't too bad but the thing is, it didn't come with Kangkung. Those who are a fan of Kampung Fried Rice will know that a classic plate of Kampung Fried Rice must come with Fried Ikan Bilis and Kangkung. Their Japanese Curry Cheese Fries are pretty unique though. I wouldn't really recommend their Spicy Fried Chicken Salad and their Chicken Burger though. Not really worth the price.

I wouldn't really say they have really good food but I wouldn't say they have bad food either. I'd probably give them 5/10 ratings.

G6, Bangsar Village 1,
Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2284 9821

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