Friday, December 9, 2011

Black & Gold with Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil

This year's Johnnie Walker Black Circuit themed Brazil was held at none other that KL Live (formally known as Ruums)


This year marks my first participation of two big events. Hennessy Artistry HALO and Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil. As I've blogged, HA was actually really good. From the set up all the way down the red carpet to the stage was way beyond my expectation. Unfortunately, HA sort of set a pretty high standard of how a great party should be, hence my expectation for JW was even greater.

The theme for JW was the same as last year's, Black & Gold which is their signature colors and I managed to rummage through Clothes For Fun to find an exact black and gold dress! Perfecto!

Made my way with the fiance to KL Live and found ourselves in a daze searching the entire place for a place to park. Little did we know that there's an underground carpark =_= like duh! It was actually pretty last minute that we manage to go because we didn't plan to go in the first place. Since we didn't have anything else to do that night, we decided to check out the event and our passes were courtesy of Autogridz (Automotive & Lifestyle Magazine).

Not to be a critic, but I found that walking up the stairs towards the party did not make an ideal entrance for ladies in short dresses and high heels, let alone a great entrance for a great event. I wouldn't even want to think of how tipsy and out of balance girls get when they are drunk, even more at a free flow alcohol event!

I met a couple of bloggers whom I know at one of their photobooths and was saying our hi-s but was quite rudely asked to move aside because I was blocking photographers taking photos of people who wanted to photograph themselves with a board printed with JW signs. Sorry, but you could have at least ask me to "please" excuse them instead of "eh can you please move.."

Upon entering the main entrance, I sort of got lost staring into darkness. It was really dark and everything was in black. I tried looking for the restroom, but could not find one because there was no sign until I asked the bartender and they pointed to their back right. I was dumbfounded.

I didn't enjoy the mixers. Alot of them tasted pretty weird. I remembered myself sticking to Mojito because that was the only drink that tasted pretty decent. At one point where I went to the bar to grab a drink and I was told, they do not have any mixers to make any for me. The best thing was, after the bartender said that, he grabbed a half drank drink and topped up JW and syrup, chuck in some mint leaves and gave it to me. Err...but it was half drunk?

Went upstairs, spent some time with some friends. Drinks finished. Went to the bar and ordered a Mojito. The bartender mixed everything inside but missed the liquor. Hmm....??


All that aside, it was a pretty decent night. I got to hang out with some friends whom I've not met for some time. Saw some people making fun of themselves from the balcony above. Performances was not bad. DJ was okay. Friends made the night bearable. Had some real good maggie goreng after.

DSC05564 DSC05566
Baby & Jimbo aka Unkel Jaymz (left) - (right) me in my black & gold lace dress
Kai Hsin, Dayton, Baby & I
DSC05600 DSC05602
Met Erica on the way out (left) - (right) Kai Hsin (she's wearing Perille in Black from Clothes For Fun too!) & I

Hennessy Artistry HALO was still the bomb :)

Called it a night after 2am.

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