Friday, December 9, 2011

Mr Fluff made me dance like a .....

..person who was on cloud nine.

Mr Fluff (middle) - Addic3rd (behind Mr Fluff - dunno what's he doing?!) - Unkel Jaymz (right)

As you know how I'm a sucker for good trance music, I made my way to Vertigo last Saturday to check out one of Imma*bleep*youup's trio. Mr Fluff (Bo is his real name) is ... quite fluffy on the head but super crazy when it comes to progressive house. I was really having the time of my life at Vertigo, dancing to his remixes.

Vertigo, another story. There are two sections/rooms separating both music genre, Hiphop RNB and Trance.


Nero means Black which was playing RNB most of the night and Bianco means White which was spinning Trance. I found the concept of not being able to check out Nero if you enter Bianco sort of.. ridiculous. I mean, if people pay a certain amount of cover charge, why can't both rooms be accessed? It's not like Vertigo has set a standard on par with Zouk, and guests of Zouk are free to enter any room they like. What's so special on the other side that guests from the opposite side can't get into? I just don't get it.

Besides that, it was actually my first time there. I got pretty much disgusted by one of their staff. Although I did not get his name, I would recognize him anywhere. He was the host of that night and when I was getting a drink at the bar, he was busy collecting ice buckets beside me.

I got quite shocked when the first thing he asked me was, "Let me try your drink. See if the bartender made it right for you." I politely declined. I was wondering, what on earth was going on. Then to my surprise, he was quite persistent. "Just one sip lah! I want to see if this drink is good enough for you" and I told him a firm NO. What the hell? What sort of work ethic was that? Anyway, all is good now cos I made it a point to have a word with the manager of Vertigo just a day ago.

DSC05710 DSC05703
Jimbo (not Unkel Jaymz when he isn't spinning!) & I (left) - (right) Baby & Z (so happy right?)
DSC05702 DSC05711
Kai Hsin & I (left) - (right) Kelvin & I (tipsy poses are always the same)

The night was pretty much fun cos I was partying till 3am plus and did not realize at all. Or maybe because I was kind of tipsy? I don't know but it was a well deserved night for me. The next day, not so.... had a major HANGOVER! but like Jimbo said, having #hangoversundays are worthwhile after a badass party! Damn right!

So, if you want to check out Mr Fluff's nasty attempt at tearing the dance floor into half, check him out every Saturday at Vertigo - Bianco from 11pm onwards. Alternatively, you may follow Imma*bleep*youup on their Facebook Page :


Just one tip : Avoid the malay middle length hair host if I were you.

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