Monday, December 19, 2011

Where's The Party? by Carlsberg - Part II, Revealed

Last Saturday was the long awaited party event everybody was looking forward to.

As I was one of the lucky 500 who got to experience Where's The Party?'s first installment back in June, I was definitely looking forward to Carlsberg second installment of Where's The Party? and how they were going to top the first one.

To be honest, I was actually expecting the same standard as the previous where all invited guests were treated to a 2day 1night stay at the secret party location.

Golden Palm Tree Resort was the previous venue and I've got to say, the place was awesome. It was the perfect location where people can enjoy and relax. Don't get me wrong. Those who went to the first, were definitely expecting the same standard. So it is only normal to compare. Only after several rumors that this time was a non stay event, that I had to confirm with one of Carlsberg personnel, truly got me really disappointed.

There's a difference between partying by the beach, having a peace of mind knowing that you have a room to go back to at any time of the party, compared to partying at an undisclosed location and all that was told was to dress in stylish but comfortable casual wear for 12hours straight.

Not to dampened the spirit of the party that I was truly looking forward to, I told myself that it couldn't be that bad, knowing that Carlsberg will never let their fans or consumers down.

It is only fair that I'll be blogging base on my experience between the first and this so you probably get a rough idea of whether this party tops the first.

So me and my friends made our way to Shah Alam Stadium which was this round's pick up location, at sharp 4pm. Had trouble finding our way into the stadium. Did probably 6 rounds around the stadium only to notice a little gate which was opened for us to drive into. No signs of Where's The Party? directions anywhere else. Even checked my email for the map but never state which gate to go into, whatnot. So, I was pretty pissed off to begin with. It didn't help with the weather as well. Was pouring buckets.

Managed to get ourselves registered in the nick of time before the buses assigned to medias left. I've got to say that the registration area, was a mess. The crews were so unorganized. Some asked me (media) to line up with the rest of the crowd and on the other hand emcees were asking media members to go to them so that they can get all medias to board the bus. Previously, once medias registered, we were ushered straight to the bus. Full stop.

On the bus, on the way to the secret location which I already know.

Anyway, the bus ride there was...pleasant. We reached Carlsberg Brewery within half an hour because the bus driver did several rounds around the stadium just to throw us off. Already there were rumors that the party was at the brewery so I wasn't surprised at all, which cuts the whole surprise of having a Where's The Party? party but made my life easier by knowing what to wear because stylish + casual + comfortable just doesn't go. Geddit?


Press conference was held in one of Carlsberg's lounge area. I've got to say, I was pretty impressed with the interior design of the office because Carlsberg Brewery was there since year 1972!

Waiting for the press conference to start. My top is from Clothes For Fun

Baby and my best friend of the day, Wynton! (inside joke, really)

Sat with Zoey during the press conference. Have not seen her in ages!

With the last Where's The Party? inviting up to 500 party goers, this round Carlsberg extended the invitation to more than 2000 fans and consumers. Like the previous, this party had an eclectic mix of exciting games, fun rides and free flow of Carlsberg beer. The party incorporated an ‘amusement park’ theme, complete with childhood favourites such as a ferris wheel, pirate ship and an adult carousel. Some other traditional fun fair booths also included Ring a Green, Toss & Score, Duck Hunt, ‘Our holes, Your balls’ & Wild Wild West.

After the press conference, it was still drizzling and everything was held outdoor which made it impossible for me to enjoy while getting drenched in rain. Umbrellas were only provided to a few groups as they didn't have enough for everyone. Some had rain coats on and was using the umbrellas as well. Go figure why we are always called typical Malaysians. So, I had to make do with newspaper and the fact that there wasn't enough umbrellas did not make it into my book of records as a great way to start "the best party of a lifetime".

The street where everyone got to enjoy Malaysian delicacies

As me and my friends made our way down the lane where Carlsberg had booths of food and games set up, it reminded us of going to a night market. Chicken satays, packets of nasi lemak, cups of popcorn, cotton candies were all available for everybody to get their hands on and I have to give props to Carlsberg for maintaining the feel of our Malaysian culture with the food section.


Heading down towards the games, all I had in mind was how the previous one felt like. Sand between toes, laughter and splashes by the sea and people having a really good time but all I saw this time was games enclosed in a brewery and a really ruined looking ferris wheel which I did not dare sit. The feel was just not there.


I really wanted to head back but no shuttle buses until 12am and it was only 630pm then. So I had to suck it up and find a way to have a good time.


I remembered that I saw "foot massage" available in one of the flyers, so we made our way there for a "possible" good and relaxing thing to do. We had to wait because there were so many people! The food massage was.... bearable. LOL. I never really had a foot massage before because I've never wanted to try. I can't stand pain and I heard massages are really painful. I only manage to go to a spa once but that's it. So this one was done by a really nice Thai lady. Painful some parts but bearable because Ade helped me tell the lady "not so hard" in mandarin when I was showing her painful faces. Too shy to tell the lady, softer. LOL.

Ade trying "Release the Trigger"

Me and Shane

After that, we walked a bit and some of them decided to try "Release the Trigger" to gain a few points for their RFID tags. At the end of the party, everyone can redeem gifts according to how much points they've earned playing games that day. As usual, I did not play any because I am a party pooper. I do admit that!

Drinking from styro foam bottle and can ~

One of the highlights! Sky Ride, which gave partygoers an exhilarating experience of being buoyed by a hot air balloon.

I call this Duck Steamboat simply because it looked like one!

Ferris Wheel

At sharp 8pm, all games were closed and everyone was ushered to the main stage. Carlsberg presented an array of entertaining performances by international DJs, renowned rappers, bands and musicians. Among them are Shawn Lee, Dennis Lau, Paper Plane Pursuit, Crossfire, High on Heels, Sophie Sugar and Hiloco.


Throughout the night, there were no proper rest places for people to take a breather. Well, except for one area where there are 20 chairs but other than that, there were none. So, we sat on the pavement watching the performances from far.

I wasn't used to using a toilet booth to be frank and I wasn't so eager to use one at the party. All of them either had puke in it, was pitch black, all wet and dirty or stinky. I politely asked the security who was guarding the door where the media conference was held, if I can just go in and use the restroom but was told firmly, NO. Right, so I had to suck it up and use the toilet booth. Was not a good experience.

Stage from where I was at

Possibly the cutest thing I've seen flying so far!

All of us on the pavement

What do you call those light up sticks were passed around and I made this!

Met Rachel & Iris! We were at the first Where's The Party? as well! Ah, memories :)

Towards the end of the night, baby wasn't feeling at all good. He was on the verge of throwing up because of bad food during lunch, so I went to the security again to ask the guy whether I can have him rest inside, rather than face the main stage which was really loud for someone who is not feeling well. I got back a firm NO and was told to "if you want, go to the back". Okay, I was really not pleased with that. I have someone who is really sick. Not from beer sick or what, but really health wise sick and I can't even bring him in to rest? What the hell. FINE!

Oh, by the way if you've read till here..seriously I salute you. This is one long post and the hardest post I've ever manage to write.

Baby managed to hold on until the first shuttle bus arrived at 12am. We got on, went back to the stadium in 10minutes and I was actually glad that we weren't stuck there for another minute. I honestly did not have alot of fun. The djs were good actually and I wished they had them at the first one instead of the other 5 female djs because they were spinning the same thing the entire night.

Finally, a wrap for this long post.

I am merely blogging through my experience. I wish that the 2nd installment of Where's The Party? topped the first because I am willing to bet that those who went to the first one, were expecting the same standard or better because having this one in the brewery did not make it an ideal location for "the party of a lifetime" to be held. If the main purpose to have it is on home grounds, then at least make it special by giving us a tour (like someone commented on Carlsberg Facebook Page) of the brewery rather than just making it "just another" venue for the party. It only looks as if Carlsberg was cutting costs this round and if it is so, don't do this and have one next year which I am sure will be similar or better compared to the first installment.

Anyway, to all the crew and members of Carlsberg who worked together making this event a success, a job well done. Once again, I would like to thank Carlsberg for the invites.

To really compare the first and the second. I find that the second lack in standard and quality. True, there were additional games and better food compared to the first installment but I found partying in a brewery compound with limited transport and rest places were NO NOs for me. First round, did not have any close friends with me and was merely walking around, enjoying myself as I people watched. Even then, I had fun. This round I had my close friends around and had less fun plus I felt truly uncomfortable having not enough rest areas and a place to freshen up.

I truly believe that Carlsberg can do much better. The best parties are always planned by taking the standard up a notch with feedbacks such as this. When there's a cool MD like Soren who can rap on stage at both the parties leading the way, I am eager to see what Carlsberg will be planning for Where's The Party? Part 3. LOL. I've honestly never known any MDs around who is as FUN and easygoing like he is.

(by the way, I spent 2 hours writing this. The longest and most honest post I've written to date)

Christmas is only 4 days away and I would like to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS..



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