Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crack me goooooood

It's been pretty long since I've blogged about nails!

I came across Sasa's brand new crack nail polishes yesterday when I was strolling around Empire Shopping Gallery. All of Sasa's crack nail polishes are available in Black, White, Silver, Gold and a few more which I didn't really bother to look at and they are priced at RM14.90. If compared to OPI, definitely much cheaper but I won't be able to compare the quality between these two as I do not have any OPI ones, myself.


Picked Black obviously to go with my deep red nail polish at home, thinking that it would be great for Christmas. So let the experiment begin.

After painting 3 layers of Deep Red by Elianto

One layer of Sasa's crack Black nail polish with another layer of transparent gloss coat. Not too bad.. (please ignore all the sisa-sisa nail polishes at the side because it was a trial application)

I decided to find out what it looks like with a lighter base, so I painted one coat of Turqoise on my thumb nail and a layer of crack polish.


If you get results like this, DO NOT FREAK! This was what happened when I didn't coat it with gloss and I freaked out at first because it looked like my nail was growing some sort of a fungus. But after I discovered that a transparent gloss coat is needed, my nail turned from ugly to a better looking one..


So ladies, you know what to do :D
1) 1 layer of nail strengthener
2) 3 layers of base colour
3) 1 layer of crack polish
4) 1 layer of gloss polish


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