Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hennessy Artistry HALO 2011 - No Americano?

For most of my friends who didn't know I was going, saw me there and all of them had the same reaction, "EH?!!" and it's not that I want to "surprise" them but I only decided to go on that day about 2 hours before the event started.

You see, both baby & I thought that we could hang out with some of our friends who weren't going that night but apparently, the whole world was going to be there, so why not. One big event, one big crowd, free Hennessy plus four awesome mixers (love ginger btw) and great friends to party with.

Hennessy Artistry HALO 2011 was held at Mines MIECC (not sure what it stands for cos lazy to google) but it is Mines one and only big ass convention centre which is so damn big, it was beyond my "gazillion"expectation! It held up to 5000 party goers that night and through out the entire night, noone was squashed like sardines. A big WELL DONE to those who organized HA! What an awesome night! :D

Anyway, if it weren't for the awesome people we were hanging out with that night, Hennessy Artistry or whatnot, it wouldn't have been a great night! So cheers to years of our friendship and to those that we've met at the party :)

DSC05232 DSC05225
Me & my little bunny (left) - (right) Baby & Chris
Dayton & Ade
Drinks that kept coming :D
DSC05245 DSC05251
The love of my life *muax* (left) - (right) Vincent & I and we go way back to standard 5!
The bunch :D
And to end the night, a picture with Hennessy Artistry logo with my shoes off!

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