Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Unkel Jaymz & Addic3rd Rawking Skybar!


Come to think of it, I've known Jimbo (Unkel Jaymz), that's what I call him but that ain't his real name, for about more than 6 years and before this, he was a photographer/designer/tattoo artist and just recently, he found his love for dejay-ing. It was so good being at Skybar the night he and his friend, Kelvin aka Addic3rd was spinning because the crowd was going wild! I never expected that in the first place.

Funny how I saw Kelvin and immediately realized that he was the guy sitting beside me in the bus when we were heading towards Where's The Party? by Carlsberg. Small world, dude!


To love what they play, is to love progressive house and they play the exact type of music I love dancing to. The one that caught me by surprise was when they actually took Angry Birds' sound track and did whatever the hell they did and it turned out hell good!


Well, if they can rawk Skybar, they can actually rawk anywhere else. Believe me, there were tourists, locals and even the bartenders were having a pretty good time. I had two Long Island Tea (the second was the killer) and had a superb time!


If you want to catch them spinning, be at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound, this Friday. It will be their last act at MOS, so don't miss this! For more info, you may visit Imma *Bleep* Youup Facebook Page here :


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