Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Of Seagull, Breathtaking Sceneries, Blue spotted Rays, Sun, Sea Sand and The Releasing of Baby Turtles - Day 2


We got up pretty early cos we crashed early the day before and when we opened our balcony sliding door, this was what greeted us. Perfect :D

Somehow or rather, this bird was there during our entire stay. Always on the rocks or just by the water during low tide to catch a meal.


Enjoying my morning view and the feel of the sun on my skin. If only every morning greeted me this way in KL.


From our balcony, the water was high in the morning. We were staying in the Water Villa which are above some of the rocks on the sea. :)


Went over to the cafeteria to get us some breakfast. We had a choice of American, Continental or Local. So, obviously we went for American.


After breakfast, I went over to the turtle pool to look at those cute things! Some were sleeping! You see those folding their legs in, yep they were sleeping!

Today, we went to the back of the island to snorkel and I really don't know why we went all the way to Pulau Kapas to snorkel the day before because just 300metres away from the back of Gem Island has like the best sea life I've ever seen! Plus, there were no sea urchins! Snorkeling at ease :)

And because the weather was superb, sea was calm and it was still in the morning, we got to see so many ocean life around where they called, the Coral Reef.

I saw blue spotted sting rays, yellow spotted black eel, tonz of live corals - hard and soft, clown fishes, sharks, huge ass puffer fish, school of yellow fin fishes, and so many other fishes that I don't really know but they were gorgeous!


After another 2hours of snorkeling, we called it quits because I had a hard time breathing. Totally worn out so baby had to drag me back to the shore.

Lunch was leftover chicken rice :/

It was their resort staff family day, so they had a bunch of family members over and had buffet chicken rice for lunch. By the time we got back at 1230pm, lunch was practically gone.


After lunch, took a walk by the beach to find a spot where I can sun tan.


This is the left side of the resort where snorkeling and diving equipments can be rented. What I like about our package is that we get our snorkeling gears included. Most of the other resorts make you pay extra to rent them.


Settled onto one of their deck chairs. I wished it was wooden and had cushion. Pretty uncomfortable and did not even spend more than 15minutes sitting on it. It was family day that day and so there were alot of elderly people around....staring at me in my bikini so I gave up and went back to the resort.


We tried playing a round of pool but the table was in real bad condition, the cue wasn't in good shape either, so we forgo this and went over to sit by the turtle pool.


Caught this cute fella swimming! Aren't they adorable?


I love walking back to our room because it makes me feel like I've got to walk along the path of nature...geddit?


This is another reason why I love being on an island so much. Breathtaking scenery.


We had BBQ food for dinner!! Mash potatoes, bbq beef, chicken & squid, satay ayam and fried rice. Dinner was awesome!


Later in the evening, the resort planned to release some of the baby turtles back into the ocean and it was such an experience for me. And count our lucky stars, a huge Hawksbill turtle came up to lay it's eggs! It was truly memorable.

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