Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Kitchen can’t you cook in? Kitschen of course!

Kitsch ironically, is defined as being something of a questionable, sometimes bad design, appearance, or content created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste. But in fashion lingo, it can be interpreted as being “one of a kind” or unique.

If you haven’t noticed it yourself already, Kitschen is actually a new member of the Malaysian Fashion scene and can be found in One Utama, Sunway Pyramid, and The Curve (we’ve been to these outlets) as well as at the Mines shopping center and Tropicana City (we haven’t been to these ones)

Oh, they’re also a part of the Nichii fashion group who in case you didn’t know, fit into the “have-a-huge-selection-of-all-sorts-of-stuff-at-really-good-prices” category.

Our impression of Kitschen is a good one:

We love and relate very well with their fashion sense.
You’ll find a healthy range of stuff suitable for everyday work and play, from niche to contemporary, from urban to country to bohemian, from conservative to extravagant, and all at very accessible prices.

There’s even a men’s section albeit in a very inferior portion of the store that features a decent selection of simple stuff to more metrosexual stuff, so guys don’t have to just follow their female partners around in the store.

Their interior deco is simplicity in style at its unique best.
Staying true to the pun in their name, they have kitchen inspired designs throughout the store and their kitchen-fashion theme is especially evident and well portrayed in their logo, which is a hanger cum whisker!

And to further state their kitchen influence, there’s even a simple top available in a host of colours, packed in a very neat foil papered box that looks more suitable for a take-away lasagna! As tempting as it may look, try to avoid putting it in a microwave, unless you want a heated top.

On a slight downside, their prices seem to have climbed slightly since our first visit a few months back but still manage to stay relatively low when compared to other competing stores. And as controversial as this statement may sound, in terms of sheer quality and value for money, Kitschen honestly feels a smarter choice as compared to Forever 21, a subjective topic no doubt.

What do you think?

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