Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Legendary Pop King

There was once a time when everyone went crazy over the man in black who could do moon walks, who sings from the heart, who has made the whole world cried out with love. Today, we were shocked to receive the news that Michael Jackson, our pop king idol, passed away at 5am this morning when he collapsed at his own home around 4am, Malaysian timing. He was then brought to UCLA and was pronounced dead an hour later. We were experiencing an extreme mix feelings of pain and sadness.

Michael Jackson, has done nothing but good (Child molestation accusations aside) to his people and the rest of the world. He was the one who has spoken to the world that every dream is made possible to happen. He showed us a new way of living life in the world of music. Till today, many newborn artistes are following in his footsteps to succeed and he was once, and we believe, still is an idol for most people around the world.

We speak from the bottom of our hearts, dear Michael Jackson remains as our idol and although he is no longer with the world, the world is still with him. Rest in peace, M.Jackson.

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